Scholarly Activities - Residency

Recent resident scholarly activity (PGY year reflects level at the time of activity)

Dr. Pamela Guo (PGY3) - Oregon Psychiatric Physicians Association Annual Meeting - Presenter - Cultural Psychiatry (Mar 2024)

Dr. Win Huynh (PGY3) - Oregon Psychiatric Physicians Association Annual Meeting - Presenter - Gambling Addictions (Mar 2024)

Dr. Jen Darnell (PGY3) & Dr. Lee Hiromoto (PGY4) -  American Psychiatric Association - Poster - The Evolving Law of Personality Disorders and the Insanity Defense (2024)

Dr. Jen Darnell (PGY3), Dr. Zach Adham (PGY4), & Dr. Lee Hiromoto (PGY4) - American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Annual Conference - The Insanity Defense at the International Criminal Court (2023)

Dr. Lee Hiromoto (PGY3) & Dr. Zach Adham (PGY3)  - American Psychiatric Association - Poster - The International Criminal Court's Ongwen Decision: A (Dissenting) Judge Highlights the Trauma of an Ex-Child Solder in a War Crimes Case (2023)

Dr. Nadiah Wahba (PGY1) - American Psychiatric Association - Poster - Epigenetic Changes in Post-Operative Delirium: Comparing Brain and Peripheral Tissues (2023)

Dr. Brigette Torrise (PGY1) - American Psychiatric Association - Poster - Bipolar 1 Disorder and Pcos: Challenges in Managing the Interplay Between These Conditions in a Patient Presenting with Acute Mania (2023)

Dr. Brigette Torrise (PGY1) - American Psychiatric Association - Poster - Is there a doctor in the House? Managing Role Confusion When a Physician Presents as a Patient in the Psychiatric Inpatient Setting (2023)

Dr. Maria Chuop (PGY4) - Academy of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Annual Conference - Presenter - Neuropsychiatric Aspects of Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19: A Journey for Patients and Mental Health Providers Reviewed; and Future Considerations for the Field of Mental Health (2022)

Dr. Lee Hiromoto (PGY3) - American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Annual Conference - Poster - Borderline Personality Disorder and Complex PTSD: Legal and Ethical Considerations for Reclassification (Oct 2022)

Dr. Liz Sokolowski (PGY4), Dr. Maria Chuop (PGY3), & Dr. Paul Bonney (PGY3) - Oregon Psychiatric Physicians Association Annual Meeting - Presenters - OHSU Long COVID Group Psychotherapy Pilot Program (Mar 2022)

Dr. Jen Brockmeyer (PGY3) - National Update on Behavioral Emergencies Conference - Abstract - When Psychosis Originates Far From The Brain: A Mimic of Primary Psychiatric Illness (2021)

Dr. Jovo Vijanderan (PGY3) - OHSU Symposium on Educational Excellence - Poster - Reflection Rounds: Transforming Education to Help Students Thrive [Top Poster Award] (2021)

Dr. Lana Weber (PGY3) & Dr. Allison Munn (PGY2) - Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Conference - Poster - Complicated Courses, Poor Outcomes, Delayed ECT: A review of four cases of delirious mania (Nov 2020)

Dr. Riva Shah (PGY3) & Dr. Heather Buxton (PGY3) - Association for Academic Psychiatry - Poster - Training Trauma-Informed Peers: Efficacy of a Peer-to-Peer Model for Teaching Trauma Informed Care (Nov 2020)

Dr. Maria Chuop (PGY2) & Dr. Lee Hiromoto (PGY1) - American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Annual Meeting - Poster - Narrowing the Definition of Particular Social Groups in Asylum Cases (Oct 2020)

Dr. Anushka Shenoy (PGY3) - Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Conference - Presenter - Schizophrenia and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Review of the Role of Antipsychotic Medications (Nov 2019)

Dr. Payton Sterba (PGY3) - Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Conference - Presenter - Intervention and Risk Mitigation with Suicidal Patients at the Time of Transition from Emergency Settings Back into the Community (Nov 2019)

Dr. Maria Chuop (PGY1), Dr. Riva Shah (PGY2), Dr. Mukhdip Singh (PGY2), Dr. Jovo Vijanderan (PGY2) - Oregon Psychiatric Physicians Association - Speakers - Updates on Treatment for Depression (Sep 2019)

Dr. Lana Weber (PGY1) - American Psychiatric Conference - Poster - Navigating the Bermuda Triangle: A case of delirious mania with transformation to malignant catatonia (May 2019)

Dr. Paul Maitland-McKinley (PGY3), Dr. Karina España (PGY) - American Psychiatric Association National Conference - Presentation - Navigating Racism: Addressing the Pervasive Role of Racial Bias in Mental Health (May 2019)

Dr. Lana Weber (PGY1) - American Psychiatric Association National Conference - Poster - Navigating the Bermuda Triangle: A case of delirious mania with transformation to malignant catatonia (May 2019)

Dr. Kim McKenna (PGY2) - AAMC Group on Resident Affairs (GRA) and Organization of Resident Representatives (ORR) Joint Spring Meeting - Speaker - Graphic Medicine (Apr 2019)

Dr. Aryan Sarparast (PGY2), Dr. Payton Sterba (PGY2), Dr. Jovo Vijanderan (PGY1) - Oregon Psychiatric Physicians Association - Speakers - The Role of Psychodelics in Modern Psychiatry: A Review of the Evidence Base (Mar 2019)

Dr. Lee Hiromoto (PGY3), Dr. Jen Darnell (PGY2) - Legal and Ethical Implications of Diagnosing Borderline Personality Disorder in Lieu of Complex PTSD (May 2023)

Dr. Andrew Hughes (PGY4) - Micronutrients for Mental Health: The Current Evidence (Apr 2020)

Dr. Paul Maitland-McKinley (PGY4), Dr. Karina España (PGY3) - Building Action: Bringing the Ramifications of Racial Bias in Mental Health to Interdisciplinary Discussions (Jan 2020)

Dr. Jacq Knapp (PGY2) - Perinatal PTSD (Nov 2019)

Dr. Maria Chuop (PGY1), Dr. Riva Shah (PGY2), Dr. Mukhdip Singh (PGY2), Dr. Jovo Vijanderan (PGY2) - Updates on Treatment for Depression (Oct 2019)

Dr. Aryan Sarparast (PGY2), Dr. Payton Sterba (PGY2), Dr. Jovo Vijanderan (PGY1) - The Role of Psychodelics in Modern Psychiatry: A Review of the Evidence Base (Mar 2019)

Dr. Jon Wilson (PGY4) - Interventional Psychiatry: ECT, TMS, and Ketamine (Dec 2018)

Dr. Karina España (PGY1) - Let's Talk: Racial Awareness and Responsibility in Psychiatry (June 2018)

Dr. Kyle Johnson (PGY4) - Post-Intensive Care Syndrome: Recognized Effects of Serious Illness on Post-Discharge Well-Being (May 2018)

Dr. Justin Laporte (PGY2), Dr. Will Frizzell (PGY3) - Gun Violence and Mental Illness: Identifying Facts and Misconceptions (April 2018)

Dr. Lindsay Howard (PGY3), Dr. Krin Walta (PGY3) - Breaking the Silence: The Need to Respond to Physician Mental Health and Suicide (Mar 2018)

Dr. David Nagarkatti-Gude (PGY4) - Working Towards Zero Suicide: Year 2 - Identify, Treat, Improve (Feb 2018)

Dr. Kali Hobson (PGY2) - Exploring the Psychological Impacts of Racism: Part II (Jun 2017)

Dr. Brent Beenders (PGY3), Dr. Rachel Morenz (PGY4) - Trainees in the Integrated Care Model: The Future is Now (May 2017)

Dr. David Nagarkatti-Gude (PGY3) - Measurement-based Care in Psychiatry: Why Measures Matter! (May 2017)

Dr. Pari Faraji (PGY4), Dr. Jessica Myers (PGY4), Dr. Elizabeth Schmick (PGY4) - The Power of Lived Experience (Apr 2017)

Dr. Jeramy Peters (PGY2), Dr. Eric Weathers (PGY3) - Cannabis and Anxiety: A Clinician's Debate

Dr. Kali Hobson (PGY2) - Exploring the Psychological Impacts of Racism (Feb 2017)

Dr. David Nagarkatti-Gude (PGY3) - Zero Suicide in Health and Behavioral Health Care (Feb 2017)

Dr. Win Huynh (PGY3) - Teaching Video NeuroImage: Rabbit Syndrome (2024) Neurology Journal

Dr. Paul Bonney (PGY4) - Low-Dose Lorazepam in the Treatment of Catatonia (2022) Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders

Dr. Lee Hiromoto (PGY3) - Ongwen and Mental Health Defenses at the International Criminal Court (2023) Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

Dr. Riva Shah (PGY4) & Dr. Jesse Gerber (PGY4) - A Brief intervention to Promote Diversity and Reduce Unconscious Bias in Residency Selection (2022) Academic Psychiatry

Dr. Jovo Vijanderan (PGY4) & Dr. Heather Buxton - Peer-to-Peer Trauma-Informed Training for Surgical Residents Facilitated by Psychiatry Residents (2022) Academic Psychiatry

Dr. Anushka Shenoy (PGY4) & Dr. Payton Sterba (PGY4) - Resident Onboarding and Orientation (2022) Graduate Medical Education in Psychiatry

Dr. Lee Hiromoto (PGY2) & Dr. Aly Dubrovsky (PGY2) - How VA Psychiatry Residents Can Help Veterans Establish Service Connection for Schizophrenia When the First Episode Was After Military Service (2021) American Journal of Psychiatry Residents' Journal

Dr. Lee Hiromoto (PGY2) - PTSD and Trauma as Mitigating Factors in Sentencing in Capital Cases (2021) Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

Dr. Lana Weber (PGY3) - In Africa, There Was No Family Planning. Every Year You Just Give Birth": Family Planning Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Among Somali and Congolese Refugee Women After Resettlement to the United States (2020) Qualitative Health Research

Dr. Maria Chuop (PGY2) & Dr. Riva Shah (PGY3) - From Screening to Interventions: Teaching Clinical Suicide Prevention Skills to Medical Students (2020) Academic Psychiatry

Dr. Jacq Knapp (PGY2) - Cirino, N., & Knap, Jacq (2019) Perinatal Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Review of risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Treatment, Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey

Dr. Andrew Hughes (PGY4) - h, B., Hughes, A.J. & Roerig, J. L. (2019) Comfort Level and Barriers to the Appropriate Use of Clozapine: A Preliminary Survey of US Psychiatric Residents, Academic Psychiatry

Dr. Will Frizzell (PGY4) - Frizzell, Will., Chien, J (2018), Extreme Risk Protection Orders to Reduce Firearm Violence. Psychiatric Service

Dr. Jeramy Peters (PGY3) - Peters, J., Chien, J. (2018), Contemporary Routes of Cannabis Consumption: A Primer for Clinicians. Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. 118: 67-70.

Dr. Andrew Hughes (PGY1) - Sonuga-Barke, E., Johnstone, J., Hughes, A., Nigg, J., & Cortese, S. (2018). 9.1 Meta-Analysis and Critique of Previous Neurofeedback RCTs. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry57(10), S282

Dr. Mikaela Rodriguez (PGY1) - Rodriguez, M.L., Corse, A.K. & Rosen. Mental Health Services Use Among Medical Students: Perceived Stigma and Barriers to Care. Medical Science Educator. Published 02/28/2017.

Dr. Jen Darnell (PGY3) - Climate Psychiatry Alliance Video: Climate Distress in Youth (May, 2024)

Dr. Lee Hiromoto (PGY4) - AAPL Rappeport Fellowship (2023-24)

Dr. Brigette Torrise (PGY2) - APA Child & Adolescent Fellowship (2023-25)

Dr. Brigette Torrise (PGY2) - Associate Editor of the AJP Resident's Journal (2023-24)

Dr. Liz Sokolowski (PGY4) -Laughlin Fellowship Award - American College of Psychiatrists 2022

Dr. Liz Sokolowski (PGY4) -SAMHSA Behavioral Impacts of Long Haul COVID expert panel participant at the SAMHSA CMHS Long COVID-19 Mental, Emotional, and Cognitive Impact Summit (June, 2022)

Dr. Maria Chuop (PGY3) - Associate Editor of the AJP Resident's Journal (2021-22)

Dr. Riva Shah (PGY3) - American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry 2021 Scholars Program

Dr. Heather Buxton (PGY3) - AADPRT George Ginsberg Award

Dr. Heather Buxton (PGY3) - ACGME David C. Leach Award

Dr. Jovo Vijanderan (PGY3) - Elevate Scholar 2020, Psych Congress

Dr. Heather Buxton (PGY2) - OHSU Innovations in Education Grant

Dr. Aryan Sarparast (PGY3) - Austin Riggs Award in Psychotherapy (2019-20)

Dr. Karina España (PGY3) - APA SAMHSA  Minority Fellowship (2019-20)

Dr. Krin Walta (PGY3) - Area 7 Deputy Representative for ACORF/APA (2018-19)

Dr. Elizabeth Schmick (PGY4) - American Psychiatric Association Resident Recognition Award (2017)

Dr. M. Saul Farris (PGY4) - Early Assessment and Support Alliance (EASA) Pharmacology Guidebook for non-medical providers (2017)

Dr. M. Saul Farris (PGY4) - American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Senior Resident Administrative Fellowship (Mar - May 2017)

Research Track

Residents interested in pursuing research while at OHSU are able to work with the training office to participate in the Research Track. On the research track, you will have dedicated time in the PGY2, PGY3, and PGY4 training year for research. The Research Track aspires to balance the demands of exceptional clinical training in adult psychiatry, with the opportunity to promote development of physician-scientists committed to enhancing the care of patients with mental illnesses.

Our mission is to promote the development of psychiatrists who are passionate about pursuing careers in mental health research.

Do I rank the Research Track separately from the General Adult Psychiatry Residency?

No, the research track is an option for residents who have already matched into our general residency. If you are interested, we can work with you early on in your training to create a plan and help you find research to get involved in.

Do I need to have a Ph.D. to be in the research track?

No. Successful applicants to the Research Track usually demonstrate substantive research experience and a desire to continue to pursue psychiatric research, but there are many ways this can be done without obtaining a Ph.D.

If not in the Research Track are there still opportunities for research?

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities! Residents are encouraged to participate in research throughout their residency. However, if you are not in the research track, the only protected research time would be as an elective in the PGY4 year.

Participation in the Research Track can span all four years of residency, with progressively more time devoted to research activities over time. This culminates with up to 70% protected time (3.5 days/week) during the fourth year of residency. Through one-on-one mentorship meetings, we will help guide residents so that they can meet key deliverables or benchmarks for progress in the Research Track.

By the completion of the Research Track, most residents will have had experience with things such as:

  • Obtaining a research mentor
  • Identifying research-related goals and associated training needs
  • Conducting a literature review and critically evaluating research articles
  • Understanding of relevant research methods and/or basic biostatistics
  • The peer review process
  • Preparing a research abstract or scientific manuscript
  • Writing a brief research protocol or grant application

Highlights of the Research Track that help support residents include:

  • Substantial protected time for research
  • Dedicated career and research mentors
  • Hands-on experience with a research project
  • An individualized research training plan
  • Access to OHSU's Oregon Clinical and Translation Research Institute, created through major funding from the National Institute of Health's Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA)
  • Tuition-free coursework and training in research methodology
  • An array of institutional expertise and resource to support research career development

Psychiatric researchers at OHSU work across the entire spectrum of research from the basic neurosciences to translational and clinical research to mental health services and public health research. Our faculty are experts in research methods ranging from molecular genetics and functional neuroimaging to qualitative and administrative data ("big data") research. Some of our primary areas of excellence in research include:

  • Addiction and substance use, including pain research
  • Health services research, including suicide prevention
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders, including ADHD and autism spectrum disorders
  • Trauma and its comorbidities, including PTSD and traumatic brain injury

Learn more about some of OHSU's psychiatry research programs in these areas.

We strongly encourage prospective applicants to explore faculty members at OHSU who are conducting research in one of their areas of interest.

There may also be opportunities for research collaboration with other OHSU Departments, national research centers at OHSU, and our closely affiliated Department of Veterans Affairs site. Some of these potential partners include:

Residents have the opportunity to enter the research track once they match with OHSU. There is no need to submit an application for this track. Once you begin your residency at OHSU, you will work with the training office to begin your time in the track including dedicated research time in your schedule and pairing with research mentors. 

Please also refer to our general residency How To Apply page for more details on applying to our program.