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The OHSU Department of Psychiatry has seen tremendous growth in research over the past decade. We believe that excellence in research will lead ultimately to novel interventions and treatments to improve mental health and well-being. In collaboration with other OHSU Departments and the Department of Veterans Affairs, our faculty and trainees are engaged in innovative and high quality, well-funded research on various aspects of mental health. Involved faculty members have established translational and multidisciplinary working groups to understand the mechanisms, treatments, and outcomes in psychiatry. To learn more, please visit our website pages, or contact me directly.

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Bonnie J. Nagel, Ph.D.
Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience
Vice Chair for Research, Psychiatry
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road UHN-80R1
Portland, Oregon 97239
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Research spotlight

5th Annual Psychiatry Research Retreat
OHSU research faculty in the Department of Psychiatry had their 5th annual research retreat in November 2022. The retreat program contains brief descriptions of current research happening in the department.

Just two years in, scientific discoveries put OHSU Center for ADHD Research on the map
Dr. Joel Nigg and the multi-disciplinary team at the Center for ADHD Research have a unique approach that aims to accelerate understanding of causes and new treatment options for ADHD

NIH taps OHSU to study impacts of substance use, environment on the developing brain
OHSU researchers Drs. Elinor Sullivan, Alice Graham, and Bonnie Nagel join the the Healthy Brain and Cognitive Development (HBCD) study, a longitudinal, multisite project to monitor neurodevelopmental outcomes of children exposed to substances in utero

Hikikomori: What drives us to withdraw from society?
Hikikomori is a form of severe social withdrawal amongst adolescents and young adults that was first described in Japan in the 1990s. This video outlinest how Dr. Alan Teo is helping to redefine Hikikomori.

OHSU researcher uncovering effects of stress, trauma on brain development and mental health
Dr. Kristen Mackiewicz Seghete hopes neurobiological research can lead to improved, expanded treatments, interventions for at-risk women

Social media outreach for veteran suicide prevention shows promise
OHSU, VA study demonstrates feasibility of online training for at-risk veterans’ families, friends

OHSU partners with semiconductor company to develop smartwatch that detects key mental health indicator
OHSU researchers, ADI engineers are developing evidence-based technology to help address rising mental health crisis in teens

Promoting Women in Science Through American Cancer Society’s ResearcHERS Program
Dr. Shannon Nugent is an Assistant Professor at OHSU in the Department of Psychiatry and a core investigator at the VA Portland Healthcare System, Center to Improve Veteran Involvement in Care (CIVIC). Her research interests are in the areas of palliative medicine, psychosocial oncology, chronic pain, and improving access to health care for older adults.

Suicide attempts linked to medication rising among children ages 10-12, OHSU study finds
Research by Drs. Kyle Johnson and Rebecca Marshall found the number of kids ages 10-12 using medications to attempt suicide or self-harm more than quadrupled between 2000 and 2020.

Vitamins, minerals improve symptoms for children with ADHD
Dr. Jeanette Johnstone's research found children given supplemental micronutrients were three times more likely to have better concentration and improved moods.