Medical Students

Kat Tacker, MD

Kat Tacker, MD
Director, Psychiatry Core Experience

Marian Fireman, MD

Marian Fireman, MD
Director, Psychiatry Electives

Students, faculty, residents, and fellows can find all documents required for the Psy730 experience on Sakai. This includes course goals & competencies, orientation & course materials, forms, and faculty & resident educator information.

Elective Rotations at OHSU sites

****PLEASE NOTE that currently the Department of Psychiatry is unable to accept any visiting students due to space limitations. However, if you plan on being a visiting student at OHSU in another department, please feel free to contact the Med Student Coordinator, Kim Taylor while you are in Portland to discuss residency training in our department.****

Thank you for your interest in elective opportunities with the OHSU Department of Psychiatry.

Visiting student electives may be available in the Department of Psychiatry during the visiting student rotation blocks designated by the OHSU School of Medicine. Interested students should complete the OHSU School of Medicine Application Process and review the Visiting Student Elective Information below. Students who are accepted for a visiting rotation will be contacted via email once the application review process is complete.

Application Information

OHSU School of Medicine Application Process

Elective Opportunities

Please Note

Acceptance for a visiting student elective does not guarantee an interview for residency.