Conferences & Didactics


  • Psychosomatic Medicine Seminar
    • Weekly seminar that at times is combined with the weekly Geriatric psychiatry seminar when addressing topics common to both Geriatric Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine (e.g. delirium, dementia, stroke, movement disorders).
  • Joint Psychiatry Fellowship Seminar
    • Weekly seminar that includes topics relevant to psychiatry fellows. We are joined by the fellows and faculty from Addictions Psychiatry and Geriatric Psychiatry. Topics include neuroscience, medical education, and leadership.
  • OHSU Grand Rounds (meets three times a month)
  • Perinatal Psychiatry Case Conference (weekly)
  • HIV Seminar (weekly while on multidisciplinary HIV Clinic rotation)
  • Palliative Care Conference (weekly while on Palliative Care)


  • OHSU Department of Psychiatry Research Conference (monthly)
  • Health Science Research & Development Conference (monthly)
  • VA Psychiatry Resident Journal Club/Case Conference (weekly)
  • OHSU Neuroradiology Conference (weekly)
  • All City Palliative Care Conference (weekly)

Teaching Opportunities

Our fellowship program has in-built formal and informal opportunities for the fellows to teach residents and medical students. Some examples include: 

  • Weekly CL case conferences led by fellows focused on the education of various levels of trainees strengthening knowledge, skills, and expertise in psychiatric consultation and liaison  
  • Fellows do group sessions for medical students on topics like capacity evaluation 
  • Fellows function as a junior attending in certain services, managing the service 
    • Teams on inpatient consultations services at both the Portland VA and OHSU include psychiatry residents and medical students
  • Fellows work on QI projects on educational interface between Psychiatry and other specialties
  • Fellows may have the opportunity to teach residency didactics or medical school classes