Resident Wellness

Wellness Half Days

All trainees at OHSU are given 4 wellness half days every academic year. These are to help residents feel like they can protect time for preventative health care for themselves or their family members.

Resident and Faculty Wellness Program

The Resident and Faculty Wellness Program (RFWP) provides free services to all our trainees to increase clinician wellness as well as reduce burnout and distress. Both psychologists and psychiatrists are available, and records are not stored in the EPIC medical records system to ensure true confidentiality. 

Process Groups

Intern year is a big change for all trainees. To help our interns with the stress of new roles, new responsibilities, new processes, etc, we have our interns attend an Intern Process Group. All interns, even those on off service rotations, have their schedules blocked to attend. This group meets twice a month for the first three months and once a month for the remainder of the academic year and lunch is provided

In addition to a process group for just the interns, we also offer a Resident Process Group for psychiatry residents of all years to attend if they would like. 

Resident Family Groups

Each resident is put into a "resident family group" with one person from each class.

Fall Retreat

Residents attend a yearly fall retreat that is held at a lodge or conference center in Oregon's natural woodland areas or picturesque ocean beaches. The retreat is two full days and includes personal growth workshops and discussion groups to generate new ideas, as well as offering respite and relaxation. The main thrust is to build a more cohesive group for mutual support and fellowship. 

Residents at fall retreat

Spring Retreat

Residents attend an annual full day spring retreat off campus. This retreat is designed by the chief residents with support from the training office, with topics changing from year to year. The focus is on professional growth and camaraderie. 

Residents at spring retreat

Resident Support

Our residents are always a close group who enjoy not only working with one another, but socializing outside of work. This creates a great network of support from not only our chief residents, but all residents in our program. 

Wellness Interest Group

Every Wednesday, interested residents get together for Wellness Interest Group (WIG). Sometimes we have formal wellness activities and other times we simply socialize in order to improve wellness. Lunch is provided.