Patient Trip Options

Tram, bus, and cars on Marquam Hill
Marquam Hill

OHSU campuses are part of a world-class transportation network designed to get you to your appointment on time. Thousands of people easily access OHSU every day with the right planning.

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Planning your visit

For new visitors, the best strategy is to talk with your clinic directly to obtain the following:

1. The campus or clinical location

OHSU has a variety of locations across the region. The largest campus is on Marquam Hill and is connected to the fastest-growing campus, South Waterfront, by a five minute aerial tram.

2. Directions from your drop off point, parking garage, or bus stop

Marquam Hill and South Waterfront have a variety of drop off locations, valet options, parking garages and bus stops. You clinic should be able to recommend which is best located for you to quickly access your destination.

3. Building

The central campuses have dozens of buildings. However, patient facilities are relatively close together and may even be accessed through indoor routes only.

4. Department

Most departments can be accessed from a department or building's concierge desk (503-494-8311).