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Transforming Conflict into Collaboration Virtual Workshop

This AAMC Transforming Conflict into Collaboration Virtual Workshop will help faculty or staff without formal training in conflict management discover practical strategies for making difficult conversations more productive and for creating a respectful environment in which to resolve conflict.

October 25 (Part 1) and October 27 (Part 2) or,
December 13 (Part 1) and December 15 (Part 2)
Register early to ensure a spot

Indigenous Time Management

In this NCFDD sponsored webinar, Yakama scholar Dr. Michelle M. Jacob brings her kind, fierce, and creative approach to academic time management. Michelle lovingly engages her Indigenous cultural teachings to lead you through a fun process inviting your deep engagement by comparing different models and philosophies of time management; inquiring which time management models best nurture and support you in diverse activities and seasons of your life; and considering which communities, beings, places and activities help you clarify and advance your vision.

Tue, Nov. 29, 11 a.m. - noon

Employee Assistance Program

  • As an OHSU employee, your EAP benefit provides confidential and professional assistance, including three face-to-face counseling sessions, a 24-hour crisis line, legal consultations, financial coaching, child and eldercare resource retrieval services and a home ownership program.
  • Cost: Free to all benefit-eligible employees and their dependents, regardless of the medical plan you are enrolled in.

Employee Resource Groups

  • ERGs provide opportunities for career development, social support, networking, mentoring, community participation, cultural awareness and employee engagement.
  • Learn more about and join one of these OHSU-sponsored and employee-managed groups, which are comprised of faculty and staff from underrepresented backgrounds or who share a common background or similar interest and their allies.

OHSU Peer Support Program

  • Peer support is an accessible and powerful intervention that can reduce distress and promote wellness among health care providers, particularly after an adverse event. The Resident and Faculty Wellness Program (RFWP) developed a peer support program to provide trained clinical faculty peer supporters to OHSU School of Medicine faculty, fellows and residents.

Promoting well-being across the medical education continuum

  • Mary Moffit, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Director of the Resident and Faculty Wellness Program was one of the speakers at this AMA webinar, which discussed national innovative efforts to prevent burnout and promote well-being throughout the physician education continuum.
  • Register using the link above to watch the recording.

The Resident and Faculty Wellness Program

  • The RFWP seeks to provide an array of services to increase clinician wellness and reduce burnout and distress, thereby facilitating a strong and thriving workforce. The program includes confidential counseling and coaching services at the OHSU Marquam Hill campus. Experienced psychologists and psychiatrists also provide professional services in a private location with no EPIC documentation.
  • Cost: Free

SPARK Wellness

  • Spark is the employee wellness program as of January, 2018 and encompasses everything wellness at OHSU. Broadly speaking, this program advocates for a healthy workplace, a place where you feel supported and empowered to pursue physical, emotional, workplace and financial well-being.
  • Cost: Free to OHSU employees

Wellness Consults for Leaders and Teams

  • The Wellness Consults for Leaders and Teams program offers individualized support for team leaders and groups experiencing distress. The consult service includes facilitated supportive listening sessions, individual and team wellness workshops, and 1:1 support for leaders on how to advance team well-being.
  • Contact the OHSU Well-being Leadership Team email at OHSUWellBeing@ohsu.edu learn more

COVID-19 Wellness at OHSU

  • This website was put together to help all members of the OHSU community find the wellness resources they need to support themselves, their loved ones and one another as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic together.

Psychological resilience amidst COVID-19

  • This letter from Sydney Ey and Mary Moffit of the Resident and Faculty Wellness Program includes information and resources that may be helpful to those of us dealing with the unique stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

OHSU Center for Ethics Health Care Response to COVID-19

  • The Center for Ethics in Health Care has produced a series of educational webinars focusing on ethics and compassionate communication in the context of this pandemic. All videos are free of charge and available on demand.

Fidelity Individual Sessions

  • Maximize your retirement savings and help meet your other financial goals with an in-person consultation with a Fidelity Retirement Planner.
  • Time: One hour meetings at either CHH, Market Square Building, Marquam Hill, or West Campus.
  • Cost: Free

Mindfulness Breath by Breath Class

  • Breath by Breath is an ongoing drop-in class inspired by the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program. This class is tailored to support patients, caregivers and staff as they pursue well-being in the OHSU healthcare environment.
  • Time: Classes are 60 minutes and are offered at various times at OHSU.
  • Cost: Free

A physicians discovers the power of mastermind groups

  • This article, written by OHSU's Jeanne-Marie Guise, M.D., Ph.D., provides a description of how to start a women leaders Mastermind group to help address burnout and improve retention.

March Wellness and Fitness Center

  • March Wellness and Fitness Center offers health and fitness programs, based in science, that are designed to strengthen and nurture all aspects of your daily life — no matter what your state of health or stage of life — in a safe, supportive and motivating environment.
  • Cost: Membership required. Details available from March Wellness.

Racial Trauma Resources

  • This site is a space of healing that embraces psychological and physical safety as the core and builds peace of mind for all People of Color, Under-represented minorities, and the intersectional spaces these groups hold.