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Education Scholars Program

The Education Scholars Program (ESP) is a one-year certificate program designed to prepare education leaders to be successful scholars and includes strategies for building an academic career upon the scholarship of teaching and education research. Skills taught will include academic writing, peer review principles, writing up innovations and quality improvement projects for publication, and education research methods.

Apply by May 30

Additional resources

OHSU Library Scholarly Communication and Data Services

  • The OHSU Library provides services to address OHSU community members' needs related to publishing and research sharing, data management, and the demonstration and analysis of publication activity. Their goal is to facilitate the reproducibility, accessibility, and impact of digital scientific materials.

OHSU Library: Data guide

  • The OHSU Library provides services and expertise to help students, researchers, and faculty organize, describe, store, and share the data you produce at any point in the research cycle. Use this resource to gain a better understanding of how to plan, share and measure impact of your data related projects.

OHSU Library Research Communication and Scholarly Impact Workshops

  • The OHSU Library, in collaboration with the Career and Professional Development Center and the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, hosts a series of workshops designed to assist students, early career researchers and faculty with navigating and implementing tactics and tools for sharing their work and building a professional network. Topics include writing an effective bio, using social media, high impact publishing, LinkedIn, data sharing, professionalism, and more.
  • Time: All workshops are 90 minutes, from 2 to 3:30 p.m.
  • Cost: Free to all OHSU community members.

Education Scholarship SharePoint Resource Center

  • Curated by the OHSU Provost Office, this asynchronous resource site will help those interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning by providing trusted resources that can help answer education research questions in the moment you need them.

Research Integrity

  • The OHSU Research Integrity Office provides information about the five oversight committees charged with protecting and assuring compliance under the laws that govern the rights and welfare of human and animal subjects, and the oversight of basic and applied scientific research at OHSU, which includes the Institutional Review Board.
  • All those involved in research at OHSU must complete the Conflict of Interest in Research disclosure and RCR education.

AAMC Scholarly Publishing Webinar Series

  • The aim of this ongoing monthly series is to help medical educators improve their writing and learn how to successfully navigate the peer-review and publication processes. Sessions will cover the importance of publishing your education scholarship and practical suggestions for how to do so successfully.

Ask the Editors: Practical Guidance for Designing and Reporting Qualitative Research

  • In this episode of the Academic Medicine Podcast, the journal’s editors–Bridget O’Brien, Ph.D., Jonathan Amiel, M.D.​, Megan Brown, MBBS(H), Ph.D., and Laura Hirshfield, Ph.D. – join host Toni Gallo to share practical guidance for designing and reporting qualitative research. They make recommendations for getting started, choosing a methodology, and effectively using published guidelines. Then they dispel common myths around writing up and publishing qualitative research. While the advice in this episode comes from the editors of Academic Medicine, much of it also applies to designing and reporting qualitative research for other journals and publications. 

NIH Research Career Development Awards (K awards)

  • Use this database to find institutional research training and funding opportunities (including international) for trainees at the undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral levels.

Education Scholars Program

  • The Education Scholars Program (ESP) is a longitudinal program with a focus on both education theory and methods. Classroom activities will include small and large group sessions, flipped classroom, asynchronous activities, and mentored time for applying educational concepts to current educational projects.
  • Cost: Free to OHSU faculty (tuition must be covered by department)
  • Time: Tuesdays 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.