Faculty Development Summit

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April 14, 2023

We look forward to your joining us at this year's Faculty Development Summit, and are excited to welcome speakers whose expertise in faculty development will shape an exciting day of collaboration and brainstorming.

Guest speakers include:

  • Kelly Holder, PhD - Chief Wellness Officer, Brown Division of Biology and Medicine
  • Douglas Ziedonis, MD, MPH - Executive Vice President (EVP) for University of New Mexico Health Sciences and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the UNM Health System
  • Final speaker TBD
Poster for the 2023 FD Summit, to be held on April 14, 2023
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The Faculty Development Summit convenes faculty development stakeholders from across OHSU School of Medicine departments and institutes for a day of peer-to-peer learning, discussion, discovery and planning.

Whether meticulously designed and researched, or informal in their original formation, faculty development efforts that have a proven track record of success or offer lessons for others are worth sharing. Likewise, given the numerous individual or departmental level efforts in faculty development, there is a good chance that many unique approaches to faculty development are otherwise unknown to many who could benefit from that knowledge and experience.

For these reasons, the yearly Faculty Development Summit seeks to be a place where good ideas can be shared, productive conversations can be had, and the seeds for new faculty development initiatives can be planted.


2023 Summit information

This year's summit will take place on Friday, April 14, 2023.

The meeting will take place on OHSU’s Marquam Hill campus, specifically in the Auditorium building. Presentations given by our guest speakers will be delivered in the main auditorium, with breakout workshops to follow taking place in adjoining rooms in the Auditorium.

By the end of this activity, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify partners in a FD community of practice.
  • Define opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration in FD efforts.
  • List barriers and opportunities for faculty development programming.
  • Construct an inventory of highlighted faculty development efforts.
  • Generate metrics for evaluation of faculty development programs.
  • Participate in strategic planning for SoM faculty development efforts.

The primary audience for the Summit are Department Chairs and Vice-chairs for Faculty Development, Department Promotion and Tenure Committee Chairs/Champions, and other faculty or staff responsible for planning and administering faculty development initiatives and supporting faculty members’ career development.

Space for this year's Summit is limited. If you did not already receive an invitation but are interested in attending, please contact us and we will let you know after March 31 if we are able to extend an invite.

The 2023 summit will be an one-day, in-person event, to be held in the OHSU Auditorium (Old Library) on Marquam Hill, with external guest lectures presenting remotely.

This year's summit will be broken up into three sessions. Each of session will include a guest lecture from a national leader in faculty development, immediately followed by Q&A. OHSU participants will then breakout into small facilitated workshop groups to discuss what they have learned and how such lessons could be applied to their own faculty development efforts.

Note: format subject to change depending on speaker availability.

We are aiming to host a summit that will highlight different approaches to supporting faculty in a number of domains of faculty development.

This year's speakers will focus on the subjects of faculty well-being, the scholarship of faculty development, and supporting faculty development in academic medicine more broadly.

2022 Event Archive

The 2022 summit was a one-day, in-person event, held in the OHSU Auditorium (Old Library) on Marquam Hill, with remote participation options available.

After an initial opening address on the state of faculty development in the School of Medicine, there was a series of lightning round presentation sessions, immediately followed by panel Q&A and discussions.

Each session focused on one domain of faculty development. Presenters gave a 10-minute pitch on either their current approach to supporting faculty in that domain or a planned approach to supporting faculty in a given domain. Each session featured up to five presentations.

The aim was to select presentations in an effort to provide a balanced mix of small and large departments, while also highlighting departments who have already begun to measure outcomes from their initiatives or who have identified a problem or gap for which they have designed and implemented a new approach and have a plan in place to measure outcomes. We also hoped to highlight presenters whose departments are actively addressing diversity and inclusion and supporting equitable program design.

  • Total number of attendees: 98
    • In-person only: 48
    • Virtual only: 39
    • Virtual and in-person: 11
  • Number of presentations: 25
    • Total number of presenters: 52
    • Departments represented: 12
    • Divisions represented: 11

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