Paths to Leadership

A School of Medicine Program for Developing Faculty Leaders

Paths to Leadership is a leadership development program intended for faculty who want to make a difference at OHSU. Paths to Leadership invites you to reconnect with your professional purpose and clearly articulate the meaningful difference you wish to make, whether caring for patients, influencing the next generation of learners, and/or generating new knowledge about human health and health care. You will learn to exercise leadership within your current role by partnering with key stakeholders whose support is needed to move your vision forward, while appreciating senior leaders' priorities in a new light. Past participants have reported a sense of increased personal meaning and joy as well as deeper engagement with OHSU and its important missions.

Schedule and Time Commitment

The 2024 program meets virtually by videoconference from January 10 to June 12 on consecutive Wednesdays from 4:30-6:00 PM. Typically, participants will spend 2-4 hours per week in pre- and post-session reading and project work. The program is open to all OHSU faculty with tuition of $1500 for faculty outside the School of Medicine.

Download this flyer for more information and a list of topics

Application Details

Applications for Paths to Leadership 2024 Cohort of Paths to Leadership are now open. Please apply here by November 20, 2023.


PTL Participants 2018
Paths to Leadership 2018 Participants

Over the past decade, Paths to Leadership has served more than 300 OHSU faculty leaders. See what they have to say and view a full list of departments and individual participants below.

  • "The diversity of leadership skills was inspiring, there is no single path.
  • "It helped me think about plans and the future in ways I should have done earlier but never found the time to do."
  • "Any academic physician needs this training. "
  • "What I learned is that I need to start with myself - that to be an effective leader I need to step outside of my comfortable ways of thinking and interacting in order to hear and understand others."

Paths to Leadership Participants 2010-2023


For Whom Is This Program Intended?

Paths to Leadership is intended for faculty who want to make a difference at OHSU. It is for faculty who are currently in—or taking on—formal or informal leadership roles within their departments, divisions, or elsewhere at OHSU. Individuals who are considering taking on such roles or wish to develop their individual leadership skills are invited to apply. 

Why Do This Program?

Through Paths to Leadership participants will:

  • Develop a leadership mindset (i.e., learn how to think—and act—like leaders). 
  • Cultivate an increased understanding of OHSU and how they can make a difference.
  • Make a significant contribution to an important OHSU issue through a learn-by-doing leadership practicum.
  • Connect with both senior and emerging leaders at OHSU.

How Will OHSU Benefit?

OHSU will benefit from Paths to Leadership by:

  • Improving its leadership and management capacity
  • Leveraging participants' experience to address organizational issues
  • Promoting a learning culture
  • Developing and sustaining champions for change

Other Questions?

Contact Professor Niki Steckler, PhD at for more information.