News and recognitions


CDCB Recognitions:
Congratulations to Philip Copenhaver, Ph.D. who was recently awarded a five-year RF1 grant to investigate how signaling by the Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) controls neuronal guidance within the developing nervous system.

Congratulations to Mara Sherman, Ph.D. who is the recipient of a Pew Scholar award. As part of the 2020 class of the Pew-Stewart Scholars Program for Cancer Research, Dr. Sherman will receive a four-year grant to advance innovative research into the development, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Learn more here.

Congratulations to Adrian Baris (Anand Lab) and Reed Hawkins (Moran Lab), two CDCB students who have each received a training grant from the NIH Ruth L Kirschstein T32 Program in Enhanced Research Training (PERT), and will spend one year in intensive training that emphasizes the competencies they will need to develop a successful career in biomedical research.

Recent CDCB publications:
The Sherman Lab published, Acidic fibroblast growth factor underlies microenvironmental regulation of MYC in pancreatic cancer, in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. Read the paper here.

Recent CDCB publications:
The Walker Lab published, NKTR-214 immunotherapy synergizes with radiotherapy to stimulate systemic CD8+ T cell responses capable of curing multi-focal cancer, in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer which was featured in the spotlight of ACIR's June 11 2020 Weekly Digest.

CDCB News:
The OHSU School of Medicine's Office of Graduate Studies has released the 2020 report of career outcomes for its 518 PhD recipients, including Cancer Biology and Cell & Developmental Biology program graduates. Read the report here.

CDCB News:
CDCB's Philip Copenhaver, Ph.D. and his fourth-year M.D. mentee, Eric Nomura, were featured in OHSU News article "Scholarly projects showcase student creativity from the heart", which explores how the pair developed Eric's capstone project.


CDCB Recognitions:
Congratulations to Sara Courtneidge, Ph.D., who has been elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Read more on OHSU Now.

Congratulations to Ferdinando Pucci, Ph.D., who has received over $600,000 in grants from the Collins Medical Trust, Medical Research Foundation, V Foundation, and Cancer Research UK in his first year at OHSU.

Recent CDCB publications:
Lind Lab published, Acute myeloid leukemia-induced T-cell suppression can be reversed by inhibition of the MAPK pathway, in ASH's Blood Advances.

CDCB Recognitions:
Congratulations to Sara Courtneidge, Ph.D., awarded the 18th Rosalind E. Franklin Award for Women in Science by the National Cancer Institute. Learn more about the award.

CDCB News:
Congratulations to Nechiporuk Lab for publishing Retrograde Ret signaling controls sensory pioneer exon growth in eLife.

Congratulations to Moran Lab for publishing OX40 Agonist Tumor Immunotherapy Does Not Impact Regulatory T Cell Suppressive Function in The Journal of Immunology. 

See profiles of CDCB faculty Melissa Wong, Ph.D., Amanda Lund, Ph.D., and Anupriya Agarwal, Ph.D., among others featured in Onward's Forces of Change.

CDCB Recognitions:
Congratulations to Amanda Poissonnier, Ph.D., awarded a CRI/Irvington Postdoc Fellowship, a training fellowship from the Cancer Research Institute, for her project, Relieving immune suppressive pathways in breast cancer to improve outcomes.

Congratulations to Amanda Lund, Ph.D., chosen for the Cancer Research Institute's Lloyd J. Old STAR Program. Each STAR will receive $1.25 million over five years for research contributing to cancer immunotherapy.

Congratulations to Takahiro Tsujikawa, M.D., Ph.D., awarded as a best young physician scientist in Japan, by the Otorhinolaryngological Society of Japan. See photo

Recent CDCB publications:
Moran Lab published, OX40 Agonist Tumor Immunotherapy Does Not Impact Regulatory T Cell Suppressive Function, in the Journal of Immunology.
Sherman Lab published, A Stromal Lysolipid–Autotaxin Signaling Axis Promotes Pancreatic Tumor Progression, in AACR's Cancer Discovery.

CDCB Recognitions:
Congratulations to Ryan Lane, recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Journal Article: Basic Science award, for his research article, IFNγ-activated dermal lymphatic vessels inhibit cytotoxic T cells in melanoma and inflamed skin.

CDCB News:
Congratulations to Lisa Coussens, Ph.D., who has recently been honored as a fellow of the American Association for Cancer Research Academy. Read more on the Knight News blog, and on AACR.

CDCB's Pepper Schedin, Ph.D., will be giving  the talk, Young Women's Breast Cancer - What is the Role of Pregnancy? at the Susan G. Komen event, the 2019 Regional Breast Cancer Issues Conference.

Knight news
Congratulations to Amanda Lund, Ph.D., and Sudarshan Anand, Ph.D., the first to receive KCI's new leadership awards funded by the Betty Hise Foundation. 
Inside SOM: 
Congratulations to Caroline Enns, Ph.D., an author on SOM's January, 2019 Paper of the Month, VIPER is a genetically encoded peptide tag for fluorescence and electron microscopy

CDCB news: A collaborative research effort co-led by Pepper Schedin, Ph.D., finds that breast cancers diagnosed in young women within 10 years of giving birth are more likely to metastasize than breast cancers in young women who gave birth more than ten years ago, or not at all. Read the published article, Association Between Postpartum Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Metastasis and the Clinical Features Underlying Riskhere. In the press: Medical XpressOncology Learning Network

Recent CDCB publications: Lund Lab published Quantifying Leukocyte Egress via Lymphatic Vessels from Murine Skin and Tumors.

Lund Lab also published Non-hematopoietic Control of Peripheral Tissue T Cell Responses: Implications for Solid Tumors.

Moran Lab published Late stage tumor regression after PD-L1 blockade with a concurrent OX40 agonist

Inside SOM: Thriving Junior Faculty Advancement Program meets critical need.

CDCB recognitions: Congratulations to Philip Copenhaver, Ph.D., on his new grant, Normal and abnormal control of APP signaling.

Onward Stories: OHSU Foundation's Onward campaign recently featured three CDCB faculty members, Sudarshan Anand, Ph.D., Amy Moran, Ph.D. and Naoki Oshimori, Ph.D., in the article Chasing Down Cancer

Recent CDCB and Knight Cancer publications: Lund Lab published IFNγ-activated dermal lymphatic vessels inhibit cytotoxic T cells in melanoma and inflamed skin. The article was highlighted here in Nature Reviews Cancer. 

Tyner Lab and Knight Cancer Institute collaborators published CSF1R inhibitors exhibit anti-tumor activity in acute myeloid leukemia by blocking paracrine signals from support cells.

Beer and Qian Lab published Interplay between hypoxia and androgen controls a metabolic switch conferring resistance to androgen/AR-targeted therapy.

Knight news: Congratulations to Lisa Coussens, Ph.D., honored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science as an elected AAAS Fellow for her pioneering studies in tumor biology.

Cancer Translated news: Study explains a tumor enabling role of the immune system – and suggests a new treatment approach.

Recent CDCB publications: Wong Lab published Cell fusion potentiates tumor heterogeneity and reveals circulating hybrid cells that correlate with stage and survival.

Coussens Lab published Complement C5a Fosters Squamous Carcinogenesis and Limits T Cell Response to Chemotherapy.

Schedin Lab published Ibuprofen supports macrophage differentiation, T cell recruitment, and tumor suppression in a model of postpartum breast cancer.

OHSU news: Tumor cells fuse with immune cells and become more aggressive. Download the featured published article here

Congratulations to Lisa Coussens, Ph.D., recipient of the 2018 Brinker Award for Scientific Distinction in Basic Science.

Congratulations to Sudarshan Anand, Ph.D., on his NHLB award for A microRNA-target Network in Endothelial DNA Damage and Angiogenesis and a second NHLB award for MicroRNA regulation of endothelial DNA repair to enhance anti-tumor immunity

Congratulations to Mara Sherman, Ph.D., for her NCI award for Identifying and Targeting Metabolic Dependencies in the Pancreatic Tumor

Congratulations to Amy Moran, Ph.D., and Julie Graff, M.D., awarded $1 million by the Prostate Cancer Foundation to study the effect of intestinal microbiota on responsiveness to prostate cancer immunotherapy treatments. Read more on the O2 blog, Knight News. 

SOM news: Leadership team selected for new Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Sciences.

Congratulations to Pepper Schedin, Ph.D., for her winning poster,  Paying it Forward: A Unique Approach to Junior Faculty Professional Development in the Basic Sciences, at the 2018 Education Symposium.

SOM news: The man who created a mouse.

Congratulations to Lisa Coussens, Ph.D., recipient of the AACR Princess Takamatsu Memorial Lectureship award. Dr. Coussens's award lecture is "Modulating Immune Response: Lessons Learned from Mouse Models of Cancer Development." Read more at OHSU News and at AACR. See the interview with Dr. Coussens at AACR's Annual Meeting, here.

SOM news: "We're trying to help create community."

CDCB news: Amanda Lund, Ph.D., awarded the V Foundation for Cancer Research Award for her project, "Lymphatic Vessel, PD-Land Anti-Tumor Immunity."

Nick Smith, Ph.D., Wong Lab, awarded the Nicholas L. Tartar Research Fellowship for his proposal, “Activation of Tumor Immune Cells by CD166 over-expressing Cancer Cells."

Amanda Lund, Ph.D., awarded the Cancer Research Institute's Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program (CLIP) Grant for her project "FasL Expressing Lymphatic Vessels in Melanoma.”

Ningning Zhao, Ph.D., Enns Lab, accepted to the Visiting Scientist Program at the Center for Cell Circuits for a summer internship at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Pepper Schedin, Ph.D., awarded the Circle of Giving Grant from the OHSU Center for Women’s Health, for “A Liver Imaging Study in Pregnant Women.”

Takahiro Tsujikawa, Coussens Lab, won the OCTRI Catalyst Award, for “Practical and cost-effective multiplexed immunohistochemistry for comprehensive immune complexity analysis of solid tumors.”

Jeffrey Tyner, Ph.D., earned the Martin and Rose Wachtel Cancer Research Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). 

Dr. Tyner's accomplishment was recognized in the July 4, 2014 issue of The Cancer LetterRead Dr. Tyner's prize essay in Science Translational Medicine.

Dr. Caroline Enns was elected to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) this year for outstanding fundamental research discoveries on the biochemical, cell biological, and physiological mechanisms underlying iron homeostasis and its regulation. Read more.

CDCB postdoctoral fellow Alain Silk of the Wong lab presented a poster at the American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting in New Orleans and had an article written about the lab's work in The Scientist. Read more.

CDCB news: OHSU cancer researcher aims to make cancer a manageable disease.
About one in three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes, and close to 600,000 will die as a result this year. Lisa Coussens hopes to dramatically reduce that number, making cancer a manageable disease instead of a deadly one. While traditional cancer research focuses on the malignant cells themselves, Coussens, a professor at the Knight Cancer Institute at the Oregon Health and Science University, is part of a new wave of biologists investigating the surrounding microenvironment. Read more.

CDCB news: OHSU researching new breast cancer drug.
Women with the most aggressive form of breast cancer are getting some new hope from research done right here in Portland. Women with triple negative breast cancer don't usually respond to the most traditional therapies. The prognosis is also another five to eight years to live, but this new research is aiming at extending that.