Lisa Coussens, Ph.D.

The overarching mission of the OHSU Department of Cell, Developmental & Cancer Biology is to advance the understanding of problems relevant to human health and disease. To accomplish this mission, research groups in the department have historically focused on questions regarding cell structure, organelles, life cycle, differentiation, and regulated communication between cells and extracellular signals and cues. An ultimate application of knowledge gained from these studies has been to understand important cell physiologic processes that effect human biology. These issues directly link to problems of interest to developmental biologists, including molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating tissue morphogenesis, tissue polarity and patterning. Read full welcome message here.

Welcoming new members during modified operations

Many new faces have joined us since OHSU's modified operations began in March 2020. We have created a page where you will find a photo and bio for  faculty, staff, and students who have joined during this time. Visit the page here.

OHSU Respect For All Flowchart

Respect For All Flowchart

Upcoming events

Event Highlights

AACR event image - Amanda Poissonnier, Ph.D.
Amanda Poissonnier, center, presents her poster at AACR event.

At AACR's Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy event in November, CDCB research presented their research.

AACR event image - Ryan Lane
Ryan Lane (right), presents his poster at AACR event.

Recent Accolades & Funding

Congratulation to Philip Copenhaver, Ph.D. who has been awarded the Allan J. Hill, Jr. Award for Basic Science. The award recognizes excellence in teaching by honoring a full-time faculty member in basic science.

Congratulations to Hsin-Yun Lin, M.S., graduate student in the Agarwal lab, who has been selected to receive the AACR-Doreen J. Putrah Cancer Research Foundation Scholar-in-Training Award. Read more here.

Congratulations to the Megan Ruhland, Ph.D. and her lab who have been awarded a grant from the Harry J. Lloyd Charitable Trust

Congratulations to Breanna Maniaci, graduate student in the Maxson lab, who has been awarded the ASH Minority Hematology Graduate Award.

Recent Publications

Karin Rodland, Ph.D. and colleagues published, "Proteogenomic and metabolomic characterization of human glioblastoma," in Cancer Cell. Read the article here.

The Pucci lab published, "Gene Expression Profiling of Lymph Node Sub-Capsular Sinus Macrophages in Cancer," in the journal of Frontiers in Immunology. Read the paper here.

Fig 4, mIHC data, Alex Quackenbush publication
Fig 4, mIHC data, Alex Quackenbush publication

Alex Quackenbush Bartlett and the Schedin lab published, "Immune Milieu Established by Postpartum Liver Involution Promotes Breast Cancer Liver Metastasis" in Cancers (Figure 4 pictured above). Read the paper here.

CDCB labs recruiting

Careers with an emphasis on preclinical and translational science

CDCB welcomes

Sanjay Malhotra

CDCB is excited to welcome Sanjay Malhotra, Ph.D. Dr. Malhotra is joining us as a professor and will co-lead the Knight Cancer Institute's new center, the Center for Experimental Therapeutics. Dr. Malhotra's background is in chemical biology and drug development with a strong expertise in medicinal chemistry, including small molecule synthesis. Visit the Malhotra lab website to learn more. Welcome, Dr. Malhotra!

Jonathan Brody

CDCB is pleased to announce that Jonathan Brody, Ph.D., will be joining us as a joint faculty member as a professor with the Department of Surgery and Cell, Developmental & Cancer Biology. The main focus of Dr. Brody's laboratory is to understand the molecular aspects of pancreatic cancer cells and find novel therapeutic strategies for pancreatic cancer patients. Visit the Brody lab website to learn more. Welcome, Dr. Brody!

Robert Eil

CDCB would like to welcome Robert Eil, M.D., who will be joining us as a joint faculty member with the Department of Surgery. Dr. Eil is an assistant professor as well as the Knight Cancer Institute's Director of Solid Tumor Surgical Immuno-oncology. Dr. Eil is a surgeon-scientist with a long-term goal of applying T cell-based immunotherapy to cancers involving the liver. Visit the Eil lab website to learn more. Welcome, Dr. Eil!

Megan Ruhland

CDCB is pleased to announce that Megan Ruhland, Ph.D. will be joining the department as an Assistant Professor with a focus on tumor immunology. She joins us now from the University of California, San Francisco where she was a CRI Irvington Postdoctoral Fellow. Visit the Ruhland lab website to learn more. Welcome, Dr. Ruhland!