About us

Our research uses advanced genetic and synthetic biology approaches to understand the roles of extracellular vesicles (EVs) in cell-cell signaling in vivo. EVs are membrane-bound particles released by virtually every cell type. The amount of EVs a cell releases is generally inversely proportional to their fitness. Hence, EVs represent a new mode to exchange critical information between cells, in particular between damaged cells and the immune system, which is tasked with responding to these cues and restore tissue homeostasis. The knowledge we aim to gain from this work will contribute to the rational development of cancer vaccines and novel anti-aging treatments.

Graciously funded by:

  • Medical Research Foundation
  • Collins Medical Trust
  • V Foundation Scholar
  • OHSU-CRUK early detection award

Our lab is growing

Pucci lab is now hiring all positions. If our work interests you, please get in touch by email.

Please check out OHSU Fellowship for Diversity in Research for funding opportunities available to scientists/trainees from underrepresented backgrounds.

Pucci Lab 2021
Celebrating achievements and new members, in a COVID regulation-compliant way!
Group photo of researchers in the Pucci lab.
Pucci lab, 2020
Pucci Lab 2020
Group photo of the researchers in Pucci Lab
Pucci Lab, 2019