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Please contact Rebecca Ruhl  for CDCB DEI Seminar details

CDCB DEI curriculum and workshop series

CDCB’s DEI curriculum and workshop series is designed to support, elevate, and prioritize exposure to, discussion of, and embracement of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues with the goal of educating and initiating meaningful changes towards anti-racism (to increase diversity, dismantle structures of oppression, and achieve inclusion) within OHSU School of Medicine Departments. These opportunities will help to achieve an inclusive work environment, aid in recruitment and retention of diverse employees, and support inclusion and respect for all in our scientific community.

We have developed an engagement DEI curriculum to support this effort. Our curriculum runs year-long for all members of CDCB to engage in exposure to voices from under represented communities. Our 2021-2022 curriculum includes workshops that engage with speakers who discuss challenges and obstacles faced by the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, people excluded based on race and ethnicity (PEER), and other communities affected by systems of oppression. Moreover, the following Friday after each speaking event, we will hold round tables to discuss the seminar and identify possible action items to address the issues brought up. All events are open to those outside CDCB.

Questions about the CDCB DEI curriculum and workshop series? Contact Rebecca Ruhl.

CDCB DEI Curriculum, 2021/22 Schedule

CDCB DEI Listen, Learn and Lean-In Curriculum Summary

Groups across OHSU

OHSU Ombuds: Nic Lendino

Gun Violence Prevention Journal club: Email Susan DeFrancesco, JD, MPH to join the listserv and attend monthly journal club meetings.

Employee Resource Groups: OHSU-sponsored and employee-managed groups. They comprise of faculty and staff from underrepresented backgrounds or who share a common background or similar interest and their allies.

Knight Gender Equity Group: Email Rebecca Ruhl to join listserv and get calendar invites for monthly meetings.

Alliance for Visible Diversity in Science (AVDS): Join their mailing list to get monthly newsletters about upcoming events, journal clubs, and interesting reads/podcasts.

Women in Science Portland, OR (WIS PDX):  

Articles and videos

Compiled and Created by Laura Zeigen and Tova Johnson 

Health equity:

Short videos on algorithmic bias:

Thoughts to contemplate while watching these (for commenting in the Forums!): Why do you think we are having you watch these 2 videos? Why do we care about what algorithms are used in searches? 

Which voices are represented in science?

Menzel LC, Kramer PW, Groneberg DA, Bendels MHK. Gender Disparities in Authorships of Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Research Articles. Article. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. 2019;70(4):1143-1152. doi:10.3233/JAD-190216 

Schisterman EF, Swanson CW, Lu YL, Mumford SL. The Changing Face of Epidemiology: Gender Disparities in Citations? Article. Epidemiology. 2017;28(2):159-168. doi:10.1097/EDE.0000000000000593 

Authority and Bias:
The Bias Hiding in Your Library 



Other interesting material: