Jonathan Brody


Dr. Jonathan Brody is the Vice Chair of Research for the Dept. of Surgery and is the Associate Director of Translational Research of the Brenden-Colson Pancreatic Center for Patient Care. He was a member and co-leader of the GI Cancer Program at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (Thomas Jefferson University 2006-2020). Dr. Brody received his Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and his thesis specialized in studying the molecular aspects of cancer and cancer genetics. He patented, with Dr. Scott Kern, novel buffers for DNA identification (DNA electrophoresis buffer), that have changed the format of this molecular biology technique used to detect DNA. He was elected Chair of the Cancer Research Program (PRCRP), Department of Defense council and serves on many international study sections, including currently being the Chair of the Tumor Biology and Genomics study section for the American Cancer Society and a permanent member of the Cancer Prevention Study Section NCI study section panel. He has published over 135 peer review publications in many top tier scientific and cancer journals. Additionally, he was an American Cancer Society Research Scholar, is NIH (NCI, R01) funded, and won the American Association of Cancer Research, Pancreatic Cancer Career Development Award in 2010.  

Brody Lab

Luis F Diaz

Luis Diaz, BS
Graduate Student

Jennifer Finan

Jennifer Finan, BS
Graduate Student

Jen is a PhD candidate in PBMS from Vermont who studied Biochemistry at St. Lawrence University in Upstate New York before working as a research technician at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She is now studying the role of PDAC-derived extracellular vesicles in the tumor microenvironment. Specifically, the role of HuR in the production and stromal response to PDAC-derived extracellular vesicles. In addition to her research, she embraces her roots in Vermont by cooking with maple syrup, hiking and skiing. 

MIffy Guo, Brody lab

Yifei (Miffy) Guo, BA
Graduate Student

​​​​​​​Miffy is a PhD student in the Program in Biomedical Sciences. She completed her BA in Biology at Reed College, where she developed a keen interest in science. After her undergraduate studies, she worked as a Research Assistant in Naoki Oshimori's lab at OHSU. Her current research focuses on investigating the interactions between tumors and the immune system to improve therapeutic approaches. Outside of her studies, Miffy enjoys skiing, playing tennis, painting, and cooking.

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Hen Halamish, PhD
Senior Research Associate

Madeline Hedberg

Madeline Hedberg, BS
Research Assistant 2​​​​​​​

Madeline received a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Linfield University in McMinnville, OR in 2022. With expertise in cell culture techniques and molecular biology, she is currently a Research Assistant actively contributing to the lab's ongoing projects. Her primary focus lies in investigating the effects of current chemotherapeutics on BRCA2 mutated patient cell lines with the goal of learning how cancer treatment could be specialized for the individual. Passionate about advancing knowledge, Madeline aspires to pursue graduate studies in cellular neuroscience and continue making significant contributions to the field of academics

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Swati Mishra, PhD
Assistant Staff Scientist

Roberto DiNiro, PhD
Lab Manager

Grace McCarthy, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar