Jonathan Brody


Dr. Jonathan Brody is the Vice Chair of Research for the Dept. of Surgery and is the Associate Director of Translational Research of the Brenden-Colson Pancreatic Center for Patient Care. He was a member and co-leader of the GI Cancer Program at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center (Thomas Jefferson University 2006-2020). Dr. Brody received his Ph.D. from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and his thesis specialized in studying the molecular aspects of cancer and cancer genetics. He patented, with Dr. Scott Kern, novel buffers for DNA identification (DNA electrophoresis buffer), that have changed the format of this molecular biology technique used to detect DNA. He was elected Chair of the Cancer Research Program (PRCRP), Department of Defense council and serves on many international study sections, including currently being the Chair of the Tumor Biology and Genomics study section for the American Cancer Society and a permanent member of the Cancer Prevention Study Section NCI study section panel. He has published over 135 peer review publications in many top tier scientific and cancer journals. Additionally, he was an American Cancer Society Research Scholar, is NIH (NCI, R01) funded, and won the American Association of Cancer Research, Pancreatic Cancer Career Development Award in 2010.  

Brody Lab

Grace McCarthy
Graduate Student
Grace is a 4th year PhD candidate. Grace joined the lab in 2018 at Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Since then, she has transferred to OHSU to continue her graduate studies in the Brody lab. Her thesis work revolves around investigating the role of HuR in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma metastasis. Additionally, she works closely with the company Code Bio in developing a targeted nanocarrier to silence HuR for treatment of pancreatic cancer. Outside her studies, Grace enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and pulling pranks on her lab mates.

Samantha (Sammi) Brown
Graduate Student
Sammi is a 5th year PhD candidate in biochemistry & molecular pharmacology at Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. She is currently completing her thesis work at OHSU as a “guest” student, while working to set-up the new lab. Her core work involves studying a unique relationship between the RNA-binding protein, HuR and the transcriptional co-activator, YAP1 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Additionally, she has characterized new ways to study RBP biology, including an updated method for ribonucleotide electrophoretic mobility shift assays (REMSAs). Outside of the lab, Sammi enjoy concerts, running, and is discovering a new appreciation for the outdoors (former city-girl).

Roberto DiNiro, Ph.D.
Lab Manager
Dr. DiNiro trained as a molecular biologist and earned his PhD in his home country of Italy. He has since worked in the biotechnology and immunology fields in Oslo, Norway, and in the United States at Yale University. Roberto joins the Brody group as lab manager, with the goal of providing logistic support to all the activities in the lab. Outside of science, Roberto loves everything outdoors.