Robert L. Eil, M.D.

  • Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Surgical Oncology, School of Medicine


As a surgeon, Dr. Eil cares for patients who have cancers of the liver, bile ducts and pancreas. As a scientist, Dr. Eil studies immunotherapy for these types of cancer. Immunotherapy supports the body’s natural immune response to cancer. Dr. Eil worked for three years at the National Cancer Institute. While there, he made discoveries about how immune cells fight cancer. This research is helping scientists understand and treat cancer. He brings his surgical and scientific knowledge together at OHSU for patients with liver and pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Eil and his wife have two young children. They enjoy traveling and spending time outside as a family.

Education and training

    • B.S., 2005, Tulane University
    • M.D., 2010, University of North Carolina School of Medicine
  • Residency

    • General Surgery, OHSU, 2010-2018
  • Fellowship

    • Tumor Immunology & Immunotherapy, Surgery Branch, National Cancer Institute, NIH, 2013-2016
    • Complex General Surgical Oncology, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, 2018-2020
  • Certifications

    • American Board of Surgery, 2019
    • Complex General Surgical Oncology, 2021

Areas of interest

  • Cholangiocarcinoma
  • Colorectal Liver Metastasis
  • Tumor induced immune suppression
  • T cell ion transport
  • T cell engineering
  • Translational science
  • Investigator initiated clinical trials

Honors and awards

  • Resident Paper of the Year, OHSU, 2017
  • Thoracic Surgery Resident of the Year, OHSU, 2017


Elsevier pure profile

Selected publications

  • Eil R*, Vodnala SK*, Kishton RJ, Sukumar M, Yamamoto TN, Ha NH, Lee PH, Shin MH, Patel SJ, Yu Z, Palmer DC, Kruhlak MJ, Huang J, Roychoudhuri R, Finkel T, Klebanoff  CA,  Restifo NP. T cell dysfunction and stemness in tumors are triggered by a common mechanism. Science. 2019 Mar 29;363(6434). *Shared first-author
  • Eil R, Vodnala SK, Clever D, Klebanoff CA, Sukumar M, Pan JH, Palmer DC, Gros A, Yamamoto TN, Patel SJ, Guittard GC, Yu Z, Carbonaro V, Okkenhaug K, Schrump DS, Linehan WM, Roychoudhuri R, Restifo NP. Ionic immune suppression within the tumour microenvironment limits T cell effector function. Nature. 2016 Sep 14; 537 (7621):539-543
  • Yamamoto TN, Lee PH, Vodnala SK, Gurusamy D, Kishton RJ, Yu Z, Eidizadeh A, Eil     R, et al. T cells genetically engineered to overcome death signaling enhance adoptive cancer immunotherapy. J Clin Invest. 2019 Feb 25;129(4):1551-1565.
  • Klebanoff CA, Crompton JG, Leonardi AJ, Yamamoto TN, Chandran SS, Eil R, et al. Inhibition of AKT signaling uncouples T cell differentiation from expansion for receptor-engineered adoptive immunotherapy. JCI Insight. 2017 Dec 7;2(23).
  • Patel SJ, Sanjana NE, Kishton RJ, Eidizadeh A, Vodnala SK, Cam M, Gartner JJ, Jia L, Steinberg SM, Yamamoto TN, Merchant AS, Mehta GU, Chichura A, Shalem O, Tran E, Eil R, et al. Identification of essential genes for cancer immunotherapy. Nature. 2017 Aug 31;548(7669):537-542
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  • Cruz AC, Ramaswamy M, Ouyang C, Klebanoff CA, Sengupta P, Yamamoto TN, Meylan F, Thomas SK, Richoz N, Eil R, et al. Fas/CD95 prevents autoimmunity independently of lipid raft localization and efficient apoptosis induction. Nature Communications. 2016 Dec 23;7:13895. doi: 10.1038/ncomms13895
  • Clever D, Roychoudhuri R, Constantinides MG, Askenase MH, Sukumar M, Klebanoff CA, Eil R, et al. Oxygen sensing by T cells Establishes an Immunologically Tolerant Metastatic Niche. Cell. 2016 Aug 25; 166(5):1117-1131.e14
  • Roychoudhuri R, Clever D, Li P, Wakabayashi Y, Quinn KM, Klebanoff CA, Ji Y, Sukumar M, Eil R, et al. BACH2 regulates CD8(+) T cell differentiation by controlling access of AP-1 factors to enhancers. Nat Immunol. 2016 May 9. doi: 10.1038/ni.3441


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