About us

The Moran Lab is broadly interested in understanding why T cells fail to control solid tumor cell growth and in the mechanisms of restoring T cell function. In particular, we aim to understand the immunological underpinnings of advanced prostate cancer with the goal of identifying novel mechanisms by which to enhance adaptive immune responses against tumor-restricted antigens. 

Our research focuses on T cell infiltration and function within mouse and human primary and metastatic tumors. To carry out these studies, we utilize a variety of tools to interrogate these fundamental and translational questions. These include transgenic and chimeric mouse models, in vivo tumor modeling, in vitro cellular assays, monoclonal antibodies as cancer therapeutics, cellular bioenergetics analysis, and flow sorting and cytometry. Using these tools, we shed light on the function/dysfunction of T cells in tumor bearing hosts and seek to manipulate the immune response with immunomodulating agents.

Moran Lab is growing

Please contact Dr. Moran if you're interested in joining our group.

As a lab, we are committed to an open, collaborative and productive laboratory culture that respects the unique talents of each member. Working together as a team, we engage colleagues throughout our department, the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, the Knight Cancer Institute, and OHSU to better understand the immunological underpinnings of T cell immunotherapy.