Headshot photo of Joshua Moreau, Ph.D.

Joshua Moreau, Ph.D.

  • Assistant Professor of Division of Oncological Sciences, School of Medicine
  • Assistant Professor of Dermatology, School of Medicine
  • Assistant Professor of Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology, School of Medicine
  • Assistant Professor, CEDAR, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, School of Medicine


Joshua Moreau is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Oncological Sciences, Department of Dermatology, Department of Cell, Developmental & Cancer Biology, and a member of CEDAR. His laboratory seeks to explore the intersection between adaptive immune function and tissue biology. A major research focus is to understand how tissue resident lymphocytes in barrier organs, especially the skin, integrate microenvironmental signals during inflammatory disease and cancer. Combining multiomic approaches with functional immunology, this work investigates the basic biology of tissue resident lymphocytes and the role of these cells during disease pathogenesis. A long-term goal is to leverage these insights to develop new strategies for tissue specific immunotherapy. Prior to starting his lab at OHSU, Josh completed an Ph.D. in Immunology at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University of Toronto before moving to the University of California, San Francisco for a postdoc in tissue specific immunity with Dr. Michael Rosenblum. 

Education and training

    • Ph.D., University of Toronto
  • Fellowship

    • Postdoctoral Fellowship, UCSF

Areas of interest

  • tissue specific immunity
  • adaptive immunity
  • cutaneous immunology
  • cancer immunotherapy
  • melanoma
  • B cells
  • hidradenitis suppurativa

Honors and awards

  • Human Frontier Science Program Fellow, 2018-2021
  • Cancer Research Society SNGS Award, 2021


Selected publications

  • Lowe MM*, Cohen JN*, Moss MI, Clancy S, Alder J, Yates A, Naik HB, Pauli M, Taylor I, McKay A, Harris H, Kim E, Hanson SL, Rosenblum MD, Moreau JM. Tertiary lymphoid structures sustain cutaneous B cell activity in hidradenitis suppurativa. Feb. 2023. bioRxiv PrePrint. Available from: https://doi.org/10.1101/2023.02.14.528504      
  • Visalakshan RM, Lowrey MK, Sousa MGC, Helms HR, Samiea A, Schutt CE#, Moreau JM#, Bertassoni LE#. Frontiers in Immunology. 2023 April; 14. PMID: 37081897.
  • Moreau JM, Velegraki M, Bolyard C, Rosenblum MD, Li Z. Transforming Growth Factor β in Treg Biology. Science Immunology. 2022 Mar 18;7(69):eabi4613. PMID: 35302863.
  • Moreau JM, Boda DP, Lowe MM, Dhariwala MO, Jarish CN, Leech JM, Boothby IC, Kalekar LA, Scharschmidt TC, Rosenblum MD. Regulatory T cells promote innate inflammation following skin barrier breach via TGF- β activation. Science Immunology. 2021, 6, eabg232. PMID:34452925.
  • Mahuron KM*, Moreau JM*, Glasgow JE, Boda DP, Pauli ML, Gouirand V, Panjabi L, Grewal R, Luber JM, Mathur AN, Feldman RM, Shifrut E, Mehta P, Lowe MM, Alvarado MD, Marson A, Singer M, Wells J, Jupp R, Daud AI, Rosenblum MD. Layilin augments integrin activation to promote anti-tumor immunity. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 2020 Sept. 217 (9): e20192080. PMID: 32539073