Moving To / From Oregon

"I learned services aren't the same in every state or even every county."

"We were nervous about moving to rural Oregon and didn't know if we could find the right care for our daughter. The parent partner showed us where to start."

"We wanted to move close to my sister. Unfortunately she didn't know was what available in her area."

If you are moving away from Oregon, you can get help at the Family- to-Family Health Information Center in your new state.

Welcome to Oregon. The yellow buttons lead to agencies that work with children and young adults with special health or developmental needs. Your child may not need, or be eligible for every service. Oregon is a sanctuary state; you can seek services across the state without fear that someone will report your immigration status.  You are eligible for state funded health and education services no matter what your family's legal status. 

A few tips

Use our checklist to help you prepare ahead of time: Moving with a child with special health needs checklist

Services in your current state or country are delivered differently than in Oregon. Depending on where you move from, you may receive more or fewer services. 

  • Each county in Oregon may have slightly different procedures and/or limitations on services. For example, some counties may have waiting lists for services while others do not. Find out which cities are in which counties.
  • We have moving to Oregon packets for different counties in Oregon.  Call us to customize or look at the Moving to the Portland Metro Area packet
  • If you are flexible about what county, you live in, call different counties and compare services. For instance, the Portland metropolitan area has three different counties, each with slightly different service systems.
  • Before you move, contact the agencies you may need, and ask to talk with a supervisor or manager from that program.  Take time to tell them about your child's diagnosis and needs. Ask all of the questions you have, take good notes, and write down whom you spoke to. With this information, it will be easier to hit the ground running when you arrive.
  • Oregon does not have a centralized resource for home-based respite care.  Although some children will qualify for respite care through a number of Oregon Programs, there is not one central "registry" or system to contact before you arrive.  If respite care is vital to your family, be sure to mention it to all of the programs that you talk to.
  • Unlike some states, Oregon does not have"one-stop" or centralized care coordination services. Your child may have a care coordinator at their doctor's office, one through the health department, one through their insurance plan, and one through the developmental disabilities system. It sounds complicated but we can help you navigate the new system!

Immigrant and refugee support

Almost all refugees and many immigrants come to Oregon via Portland. After they are resettled can move anywhere in Oregon. This map shows the timeline and agencies that help with refugee and immigrant resettlement in the Portland area.

Spanish Resources for immigrants in Oregon

Resettlement Services Map    Instructions for, and description of, service map

Refugee resettlement organizations in Oregon include:

 I-SOS Islamic Social Services of Oregon State, SOAR Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees, Impact NW Slavic Services, LCSNW Lutheran Community Services NW, Ecumenical Ministries ROSS Russian Oregon Social ServicesCatholic Charities, IRCO Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization