Service and emotional support animals

A fully saddled miniture horse standing next to desk in a kindergarten classroom

"My dog allows me to be independent and to do things on my own. She is a true partner in my work and home life." 

"When I have had a hard day I spend some time with my cat and feel better." 

"Animals make my life better; I like them more than most people." 

Having a support animal can be a gateway to independence.  Although they are a big responsibility, animals can provide wonderful emotional support during times of change.

Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animal Toolkit: What you need to know to make a decision about getting or training a Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal.  May 2024

When considering an emotional support animal, be aware that:

Emotional support animals may be exempt from landlord rules about pet deposits or increased rent unless they damage the property.  Read here for information about laws that apply to fair housing, service dogs,emotional support animals and disabilities. Some Emotional support animals can fly with you but you must let the airline know at least 48 hours in advance and there are special conditions for flying with an emotional support animal.  These regulations change so make sure to check the regulations for your airline before booking a flight.

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