Workshops, Seminars, and Parenting Classes

Parents tell us...

"My parenting class was really helpful. I understand her better and we have fewer blow ups."

"I was really nervous about my son going through puberty, especially since his dad isn't around.  The Birds and Bees class helped me practice how to talk to him."

The sibling workshop was really helpful for my daughter.  Her brother gets a lot of attention and she sometimes feels left out." 

Workshops, seminars, and classes

The following organizations offer a variety of events and trainings on disability topics

Oregon Family to Family Health Information Center: E-mail or check out our Facebook page for current trainings.

Autism Society of Oregon

Central Oregon Disability Support Network

Creating Opportunities

Early Learning Collaborative parenting classes for 0-5

FACT Oregon

LEND Program Family Fellowship, Cross discipline leadership training in neurodevelopmental disabilities..

Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities

Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative

ORPARC Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center

OSU Extension Service parenting support 

Oregon Training and Consultation

Parenting Now (Birth to Three)

Swindell's Resource Center

There are  many great conferences around the state and country.  If you find a conference that you would like to attend, call us at 855-323-6744 (English) or 833-990-9930 (Spanish) for funding ideas.


Inclusion of resources on our site does not imply endorsement nor does exclusion mean we do not think it is valuable.  We work to keep our list of resources current and relevant but it is not exhaustive.

If you have any questions call or email us tel. 855-323-6744 (English) o 833-990-9930 (español)