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We are parents of children who have special health care needs. We help families navigate the complex health care system and connect families from around Oregon to resources and support. Our goal is to support families and achieve better outcomes for Oregon children with special health care needs.

What you'll find here:

Family Support: programs and support groups for all members of the family

Family Resources by Age Group: non-medical, developmentally appropriate: education, recreation, mental health, and other resources

Oregon Special Health Needs Essentials: key special-needs systems, organizations and agencies: insurance, health care, developmental disability service, etc. 

Financial Help: funding sources for families of all incomes

Newborn Screening and Birth Anomalies: Oregon's public health programs related to newborn health

Crisis-Trauma-Emergencies-Safety: resources for challenging situations

Moving to or from Oregon: what families need to know when moving with a child with special health needs

Events and trainings can be found Oregon Family to Family Health Information Center -Home Facebook

We are committed to keeping this web site current. Please let us know if you find any broken or outdated links.

Want to speak to a Parent Partner? Use a referral form:
Referral form to speak to a parent partner

Formulario de invitación hablar un pareja de padres

855-323-6744 (English)  

503-931-8930 (Spanish)

Parent Partners, like you, have children with special health needs.  When you need someone to talk to who understands what you are going through, contact us.  We do our best to return calls within 48 hours.  Our job is to help you find resources and information, navigate systems, and connect to others. We love to help.

To find our current events and trainings, as well as time sensitive updates visit Oregon F2FHIC facebook page

Parent Partners live in different parts of the state. We might refer you to a Parent Partner who is not in your areas, if we know they have experience with something you need.



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