Play and Recreation: Ages 0-5

Parents tell us...

Two twin girls playing hide and seek behind a tree

"I love setting up playdates.  It's fun watching my daughter learn to play with other kids, and it gives me a chance to be around other adults."

"Despite his challenges, my son goes to all 'regular' classes at the parks and rec center and gymnastics."

"I am amazed at how determined my daughter is on the playground.  She sticks it out even when it is hard."

Male couple walking their children by a pond

Get Outside

Whether it is in a yard, at a playground, or out in nature, being outside offers a rich experience for your child. 

State Parks and Recreation Sites

National Park's Lifetime Access Pass

Harper's Playground: Creating fully accessible playgrounds around the state 

AMBUCS provides adapted therapeutic tricycles  

Some camps offer a Family Camps for all age family members.  A good way to get away and to meet other families.

Baby making guestures for story time

Story Time

Most local libraries have story times for infants and families.  The free children's programs often have music, puppets, animals, crafts and more!  Do not forget to take something home to read, listen to, or watch. The State of Oregon Library also offers Oregon Talking Books.  

Moms and newborns playing in a pool

Classes and Activities

There are lots of organized classes and activities that your child can join. If you let the teacher know ahead of time they can make accommodations for physical difficulties or adjustments for sensory needs. Music, sports, gymnastics, art, dance, and swimming all can bring fun and joy to your child's life with some planning. 

Young family enjoying the outdoors


Check with local business, museums, and entertainment venues.  Many jump places and gyms have sensory times. Theaters can play a movie with a lower volume or shorten a play for a specific showing.  If you do not see any of these options check with your local family network or even approach the manager to see if they might be willing to create one. Make sure you attend so businesses are happy to do it again. When you are ready for a trip out of town consider Morgan's Wonderland


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