Resources for Young Adults

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Young adults tell us...

"Learning to live as an adult is hard, but with planning and support, I have a life that is right for me."

" I have tried everything, dorm living, apartment living, living with my parents and living in a group home.  Different times, different situations."

"I had a lot to learn before I could really live on my own, setting up utilities, signing a lease, and buying insurance.  It was tricky."

Social-emotional and mental health

Mental health includes emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It determines how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Learn about resources to support and enhance your mental health.

Advanced education and training

Some students can stay in public high school until age 21, and many go to college or advanced training afterwards. Locate information to find and pay for education opportunities.

Transition to adult health care

Finding adult healthcare is challenging for some. Helpful healthcare transition ideas and checklists guide the way.

Housing choices and supports

There are choices for housing situations. Use these resources to plan for, find, and pay for housing.

Community Developmental Disability Programs

When you turn 18 you have more choices about who will support you.  Community Developmental Disability Program services can be accessed a number of different ways including through the  County Developmental Disability Programs, Aging and Disability Services Resource Center, Independent Living Centers, and Brokerage Services.  Learn how to access some of these key disability services.

Service and emotional support animals


Inclusion of resources on our site does not imply endorsement nor does exclusion mean we do not think it is valuable. We work to keep our list of resources current and relevant but it is not exhaustive.

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