Early Learning Birth to 5

small child playing in autumn leaves

Parents tell us...

"My babies love to learn. The twins are little sponges or learning machines!"

"Our early learning specialist is really good. She has shown me lots of games to play in the high chair and on the floor. Sometimes I get discouraged but she reminds me how much progress we have made."

"The developmental milestones are helpful, they give me an idea of what to work on and what to expect."

Twice-exceptional (intellectually gifted children experiencing a disability)

Many children who are twice-exceptional have a delayed identification. Their disability might be hidden by their intelligence, or their disability could hide their giftedness. Many love to learn, but are not fond of school.

Oregon Deparetment of Education: Talented and Gifted Education Parent Information 

Davidson Gifted.org:  Is My Child Gifted?

Sen Gifted.org: Articles on Intellectually Gifted Children Who Also Experience a Disability


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