Recreation and Community Life

Adults with disabilities tell us...

Wheelchair racer passing elite runners in marathone

"I find that financial barriers, medical risks, and accessibility barriers can be overcome with planning, stubbornness, and kindness from others."

"When I travel, I feel like I am 'alive' and 'seen' more than when I am in my own community."  

"If I want to experience things for myself instead of reading or watching videos about them, I have to believe that I can."

Sports and recreation

There are many community leagues for you to join. Check your local parks and recreation department for classes and teams.  If you want to participate in activities that are geared for adults with disabilities, consider these programs:

Oregon Adaptive Sports

Disabled Sports USA

Adaptive Sports NW 

Special Olympics

Oregon State Parks

Lifetime Access Pass National lands

Some Summer Camps Include Adults


If you need help in planning travel, check out these organizations. Large resorts and cruise ships can often adapt to customer's special needs.  Travel agents can be helpful too.   

Trips Inc.: Special supported travel adventures

Mobility International: travel adventures worldwide

Many theme parks have accessible options: Morgan's Wonderland is fully accessible


If you would like to make life better for yourself and others, consider becoming a self-advocate.

Oregon Self-Advocacy Coalition

Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

Disability Rights Oregon

You can also connect with the advocacy branches of condition specific advocacy groups such as United Cerebral Palsy, Autism Society of Oregon or All Born (In).


Every community needs volunteers. Contact 211info for ideas and worthy projects.

Arts, culture and hobbies

Do not forget to keep up your creative side once you leave school. Visual and preforming arts, writing, and singing can bring joy and friends into your life.  Most theaters, cinemas, stadiums, and museums have accommodation options.  When you buy your tickets, tell them what you need.

Check out Adventures Without Limits to learn about day trips and group adventures. 

Social life

While on line friends can be valuable face-to-face meetings with others are important too. Find or start something like- Off the Couch Events  or Kindtree: Autism Rocks in your area.  Look for service groups such as Lions, Rotary, Elks, or Grange Halls, or hang out with like-minded people in special interest clubs and cultural groups.  Join in! 


Inclusion of resources on our site does not imply endorsement nor does exclusion mean we do not think it is valuable. We work to keep our list of resources current and relevant but it is not exhaustive.

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