Pediatric Heart Care Team

More pediatricians in Oregon and south west Washington send their patients to Doernbecher’s Heart Program than anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.

To deliver exceptional care, we bring together a team of experts who specialize in the care of children with heart disease. The team works closely with parents and referring physicians to provide the best possible outcome for every child.

Other heart care specialists

Our team also includes cardiac nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacologists, dieticians and a social worker, all specially trained to care for kids with heart problems.

Division head

Pediatric cardiologists

Pediatric cardiologists evaluate, treat and manage the care for children with heart problems. Our team has the most advanced expertise in every area of children's heart care. They provide care to cardiology care for neonates through young adulthood.

Pediatric cardiology nurse practitioners and physician assistant

Pediatric heart surgeons

Our surgeons work closely with our pediatric heart doctors to determine the best surgical procedure for your child.

Cardiac surgery nurse practitioner and physician assistant

Pediatric anesthesiologists

Our anesthesiologists are specially trained to understand and respond to the special needs of children with heart disease.

Pediatric intensive care

Doctors specially trained in pediatric cardiac intensive care.

Perfusion and ECMO

Cardiac sonography