Safety Store

As a part of our mission to increase access to safety supplies, we operate a nonprofit safety store, selling a variety of childproofing equipment, safety gates, helmets, and protective gear at below-retail prices.

Currently, we are only able to accommodate in-person transactions, but if you give us a call ahead of time, we'd be happy to have your order waiting for pick-up on a particular day. We accept cash, check, debit and credit cards.

Childproofing and safety items list

Cabinet and door safety


Childproofing starter kit
$8.00 child proofing kit 
3-pack spring n release latches
$3.00  spring release latch
2-pack cabinet slide lock 
$3.00  slide lock
2-pack push on snap cabinet lock
$3.00  push snap lock
Lazy susan cabinet lock  
$3.00  safety1stlazysusanlock
Tot lok starter set 
$12.00  Tot Lock Starter set


 4-pack door knob covers
$3.00  door knob covers
 Lever-handle door cover
$4.00  Lever-handle door cover
 Bi-fold door locks 
$3.00  Bi-fold door locks
 Finger pinch guards
$2.00  Finger pinch guards
Kidco sliding door lock
$4.00 kidco-sliding-door-lock
GE door alarm
$12.00 Door Alarm 2pack

Appliances and furniture


 Oven lock
$3.00  Oven Front Lock
 Stove knob covers 
$8.00  Stove Knob Covers
 Toilet lock
$8.00  Toilet Lock
 Multi-purpose/appliance latch
$3.00  Multi-purpose/Appliance latch
 Refrigerator latch
$3.00  Refrigerator Latch

Furtniture safety

 Furniture wall Straps
$4.00  Furniture wall straps
 Furniture corner cushions
$1.00  Furniture corner cushions

Window safety

 2- Pack vinyl window locks
$4.00  vinyl window locks
 2-pack window blind wind-ups
$2.00  window blind wind-ups
KidCo window mesh guard
$35.00 Kidco Window Mesh Guard
KidCo window lock
$6.00 Kidco window stop
Cresci window wedge
$5.00 Window wedge safety product

Bath safety

 Bath pal duck thermometer
$3.00  Bath pal duck thermometer
 Soft spout cover 
$3.00  Soft spout cover

Fire safety and poison prevention


 Smoke alarm
$20.00  Smoke Alarm
 Carbon monoxide alarm
$20.00  Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Helmets and bike gear


 Bike helmet 
$10.00  Bike Helmet
 Multisport helmet 
$10.00  Multisport Helmet
 Ski/snowboard helmet  
$25.00  Ski/Snowboard helmet

Protective gear

 Knee/elbow/wrist guard set