Medical Students


OHSU offers a senior medical student rotation ("externship") for both visiting and OHSU students with a serious interest in a career in neurological surgery and a history of academic excellence. Rotations are generally for 4 weeks and include participation in the clinical service, attendance at conferences, and other educational opportunities. Applications should be made simultaneously via OHSU's neurological surgery Education Team and the OHSU School of Medicine.

Instructions for application completion can be located at the OHSU School of Medicine's Visiting Students web site.

Student Interest Group

The neurological surgery student interest group is a student run, faculty-mentored organization for those OHSU students considering neurological surgery as a specialty and career choice. It is the desire of the department of neurological surgery to promote and support opportunities where all OHSU students will gain understanding, experience and chances to explore their interest in the field. The department's commitment and resources are listed below.

Goals of neurological surgery student interest group:

  1. Introduce medical students to the field of neurological surgery.
  2. Organize, develop, and promote interest in the specialty of neurological surgery.
  3. Encourage and develop student interest in neurological surgery through discussion groups, workshops, and attending/medical student mentoring relationships.
  4. Provide clinical exposure for medical students in neurological surgery.
  5. Provide guidance through the neurological surgery residency process.
  6. Provide leadership to promote active student involvement in neurological surgery.
  7. Serve as liaison for possible research projects.
  8. Assist the professional advancement of those students seeking careers in neurological surgery.

    Departmental Resources

    • Conferences: Conference times and subjects are located on the residency conference page.
    • Mentorships: Student in the first two years can work with faculty as part of their Principles of Clinical Medicine (PCM) course.
    • Clinical Rotations: In the 3rd and 4th years clinical rotations can be developed both in the clinic and on the hospital service.
    • MD Electives (Neurological Surgery)
    • Physiology & Pharmacology of Pain (Dr. Heinricher)
    • Neurosurgery (Dr. Selden)

    Research Activities/Publications

    Links of Interest

    For any additional questions, please contact:

    • Medical Student Education Director: James Wright, M.D.
    • Program Manager: Shannon Winchester (503 494-6207),