Past Benefactors

Cameron Foundation

Four years ago, during the birth of Colin Cameron, his parents Paul and Meagan, were told their son had experienced a brain hemorrhage and may need brain surgery. The Camerons asked “Who is the best brain guy for children?” The answer was Nathan Selden, M.D., Ph.D., Doernbecher Children’s Hospital talented pediatric neurosurgeon. The Cameron Family generously supported the research in Dr. Selden’s laboratory with a gift that funds the investigation of ways a child’s brain can decrease the impact of pain from trauma or surgery. Like many physician-researchers at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Dr. Selden brings new therapies and treatments to children to improve the quality of their lives.

Campagna Scholar in Neurological Surgery

Thanks to the kind philanthropic gesture of Mario Campagna, M.D., and his wife, Edith, of Medford, Ore., the Department of Neurological Surgery hosted the first Campagna Scholar in Neurological Surgery in 2007. This unique scholarship supports a 10-week summer semester of research under the supervision of a neurosurgical mentor at OHSU and residence expenses in Portland. Students in the first or second year of study at an accredited U.S. medical school are eligible to apply. This scholarship is awarded each summer from an endowment established by Dr. Mario and Edith Campagna through the Doernbecher Foundation.

Credit Unions for Kids of Oregon and SW Washington

This program has pledged $1 million to the Doernbecher Foundation to help fund a new or upgraded pediatric neurosurgery operating suite for Drs. Nathan Selden and Dan Guillaume over three years. This program also funded a $1 million professorship for Tom Koch, M.D., head of pediatric neurology.

Dedication, Cougar Crest Winery, Walla Walla, Washington

Debbie and Dave Hansen, owners of Cougar Crest Winery, have named “Dedication” for the dedication and sacrifice shown by the neurosurgery, trauma, and intensive care unit doctors and nurses of Doernbecher Children’s Hospital who gave their daughter’s life back to her. “With deep gratitude and respect, we are dedicating this wine and a portion of the proceeds to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital at Oregon Health & Science University. We want our dedication to grape growing and winemaking to help them continue their incredible, livesaving work.” Visit the Cougar Crest Winery website.

Helen Tracy Estate

This estate provided $100,000 through the Doernbecher Foundation for specialized pediatric neuroendoscopy equipment in 2007.

The neuroendoscope has revolutionalized the treatment of patients with hydrocephalus, brain tumors, aneurysms, pituitary tumors and any intraventricular pathology. The use of the neuroendoscope has allowed neurosurgeons to clearly see inside the skull, brain and spine, often with better operating visualization and the ability to “see around corners,” and without the need for a large incision. The main advantage is much shorter hospital stay and quicker return to normal activities for patients.


A generous gift that will help more than the donor. Alan Amerson was so enthralled by Lokomat's potential as a therapeutic tool that he donated the nearly $300,000 it would take OHSU to purchase the machine for its neurological rehabilitation program.