Application Information

For Residency Program Applicants 2024-25 (2025 Match)

For a variety of reasons, including the health and safety of our applicants and employees, and for equity reasons, OHSU Neurosurgery will be doing virtual interviews again this academic year. We are developing resources so applicants can learn about our program, hear from our faculty and residents, and visit campus virtually. As those resources are developed, we will be posting them on this page. Please click on the resources below to learn about our program! 

OHSU Neurosurgery Residency Program - Narrated by members of OHSU residency team

OHSU Neurosurgery Residency Program Overview - Narrated by Stephen Bowden, M.D., 2017-2024 resident

A Sense of OHSU - OHSU GME Programs - YouTube video

OHSU School of Medicine Diversity Page

OHSU Center for Diversity

The OHSU Office of Graduate Medical Education coordinates house staff appointments and assignments. The office also assists in assuring excellence in the training programs and in serving prospective, current and past house staff.

Application & Interview Timeline

The 2025 Match cycle will begin in fall 2024.  Applications will only be accepted through ERAS, which opens for applications in September 2024. Your application should be submitted no later than October 11, 2024 for consideration. 

2024 Recruiting Interviews

Session #1:  Friday, November 22
Session #2:  Saturday, December 7th
Session #3:  Saturday, January 11th
An official USMLE Step 1 passing score is required to be considered for interviews. Applicants must be legally able to work in the U.S., or eligible to obtain work authorization.

In the fall of 2024, we will provide opportunities for applicants to attend, virtually, conference and Grand Rounds sessions, and an information session with our Interim Chair, Dr. Raslan, our Program Director, Dr. Orina, and our Associate Program Director, Dr. Winer. For those of our applicants interested in coming to OHSU to visit in person, we can provide you with the materials to do a self-guided tour and a tram ticket to ride the Portland Tram, which connects OHSU's main campus and the South Waterfront campus. 

For the 2025 ERAS® cycle, our program will be collecting and reviewing data from applicants’ supplemental ERAS applications. Completion of the standard MyERAS application is a requirement; completion of the supplemental ERAS application is optional. In its second year of use, the supplemental ERAS application is designed to help applicants share more information about themselves and assist our program in finding applicants that fit our program’s setting and mission. There is no cost to applicants and participation is optional. Applicants should signal OHSU if there is interest interviewing for and matching into our program. 

The supplemental ERAS application provides:

  • geographic preferences (by division and by urban or rural setting); 
  • information about an applicant’s most meaningful experiences and other impactful life events, if applicable; and
  • program signals (limited to 25 signals for neurosurgery).

The supplemental ERAS application will be delivered on a survey platform that is separate from the MyERAS application and must be completed between August 1 and September 16, 2024.

OHSU Graduate Medical Education's webpage provides a substantial amount of information for applicants interested in OHSU. This webpage includes qualifications and requirements for applicants, appointment agreements and pertinent policies, requirements for foreign medical graduates, and other useful information. We encourage applicants to review this page, including the policies regarding COVID vaccinations and the sample appointment agreement. 

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us:

  • Residency Program Director: Josiah Orina, M.D.
  • Associate Program Director: Jesse L. Winer, M.D., FAANS
  • Education Manager: Shannon Winchester