Basic Research

Research Investigators
Mary M. Heinricher, Ph.D. (Vice Chair of Research)
Chris Madden, Ph.D.
Shaun Morrison, Ph.D.
Susan Ingram, Ph.D.
Domenico Tupone, Ph.D.

Research Grants and Contracts: Ashly Leder, Ph.D.

Cetas Lab

  • Postdoctoral Scholar: Ravikant Samatham, Ph.D. (Primary appointment in Biomedical Engineering)

Heinricher Lab

  • Senior Research Associate: Melissa Martenson, M.S.
  • Postdoctoral Scholar: Yangmiao Zhang, Ph.D.
  • Graduate Research Assistant: Nadir Balba, M.A.
  • Graduate Research Assistant: Caitlynn DePreter, B.A.
  • Graduate Research Assistant: Gwen Hryciw, B.A.
  • Graduate Research Assistant: Andrea Hardin, M.A.
  • Research Assistant: Jennifer Wong, BA

Ingram Lab

  • Senior Research Associate: Laura Kozell, Ph.D.
  • Graduate Research Assistant: Courtney Bouchet, B.A.
  • Graduate Research Assistant: Kylie McPherson, B.S.

Morrison Lab

  • Research Associate Professor: Chris Madden, Ph.D.
  • Research Assistant Professor: Domenico Tupone, Ph.D.
  • Senior Research Associate: Ellen Santos da Conceicao, Ph.D.
  • Postdoctoral Scholar: Pierfrancesco Chiavetta, M.D.
  • Senior Research Assistant: Rubing Xing