Translational Research (Raslan Lab)

Raslan Lab
Ahmed Raslan, M.D., associate professor of neurological surgery in the OHSU School of Medicine (front center), with his students atop the OHSU mezzanine near the Portland Aerial Tram on Monday, Jan. 17, 2022. From left, Caleb Nerison, Joseph Nugent, Emma Richie, Brittany Stedelin, and Edward Ward. Erik C. Brown, M.D., Ph.D. (far right). (OHSU/Christine Torres Hicks)


Dr. Raslan's laboratory has a threefold vision; 1) basic science discovery, 2) clinical research development, and 3) application of translational medicine. The lab focus is; Discovery as it relates to the fundamental nature of human cognition, with an emphasis on numerical cognition and emotion. Clinical data collection and analysis to inform and improve neurosurgical practice at all levels; specifically treatment of medically refractory epilepsy and pain. To act as community stewards by identifying health disparities and emphasizing resource management. To realize this vision the laboratory relies heavily on team work and collaboration. Dr. Raslan's vision is built on a foundation of shared ideas, critical feedback, and assurance of multidirectional data sharing. Essential to the vision is that all team members within and connected to the Raslan Lab are equipped with the most sophisticated, available, scientific and medical tools. The Raslan lab believes inspiration is a shared process. With the most advanced tools and an inspirational, collaborative, learning and understanding environment, healthier and more informed communities, near and far, are possible.


The Raslan Lab has invested in creating and leveraging technology, regardless of stakeholders; utilizing a platform for the development and rapid integration of new technology in collaboration with industry and academic partners. This allows for simultaneous advancement of medicine and scientific discovery.

Examples include;

Public Health

The Raslan Lab is founded on a commitment that individuals translate their medical and research expertise and training into community solutions. Lab projects emphasize public health and a commitment to identifying public health disparities and developing effective interventions and/or informing policy makers and community members. The lab plans to continue to identify and utilize the most efficient processes for the delivery of medicine and research.

Racial and Ethnic Inequities in Mortality During Hospitalization for Traumatic Brain Injury: A Call to Action Emma A. Richie, Joseph G. Nugent and Ahmed M. Raslan Front. Surg. 02 June 2021