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The Oregon Health & Science University Neurosurgery Residency Training Program utilizes the inpatient and outpatient facilities and operative suites of the University Hospital (UHS), Doernbecher Children's Hospital (DCH), and the Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC).

Outpatient clinics are held at the University complex and at the Center for Health & Healing (CHH) located on the banks of the Willamette River.  The Portland Aerial Tram provides express transportation between the University Hospital and CHH (3 minutes). The average daily bed occupancy of the services is 50 to 60. Approximately 3600 surgical procedures are performed annually.

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Daniel Munger, M.D.

Daniel Munger, M.D.

Undergraduate:  Brown University
Medical School:  University of Massachusetts Medical School
Research Interests:  Cerebrovascular disease, skull base surgery, autonomic dysfunction in subarachnoid hemorrhage and TBI
Other Interests:  Cycling, running, being outdoors and spending time with his family

Brannan O'Neill, M.D.

Brannan O'Neill, M.D.

Undergraduate:  Emory University
Medical School:  Tulane University School of Medicine
Research Interests:  Spinal cord physiology and injury, autism spectrum disorders, and aneurysm pathogenesis
Other Interests:  Volleyball, traveling, reading, and being outside

Ali Rae, M.D., M.P.H.

Ali Rae, M.D.

Undergraduate:  Emory University
Graduate:  Columbia University
Medical School:  Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Research Interests:  Brain tumors, language processing, and using big data to assess clinical treatment algorithms
Other Interests:  Travel, philosophy, fencing, and the outdoors

Christian Giovanniis Lopez Ramos, M.D., M.C.R., M.P.H.

Christian Lopez Ramos, M.D.

Undergraduate:  University of California, Berkeley
Graduate:  University of California, San Diego and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Medical School:  University of California, San Diego
Research Interests:  Understanding the impact of patient, clinical, and health system factors on the provision of care and outcomes in neurosurgery
Other Interests:  Playing the piano and guitar, soccer and writing screenplays

Maryam Nour Shahin, M.D.

Maryam Shahin, M.D.

Undergraduate:  University of California, Davis
Medical School:  Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine
Research Interests:  Tumor immunology
Other Interests:  Soccer, cycling, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, playing the flute and traveling to foreign countries

Erin Yamamoto, M.D., M.S.

Erin Yamamoto, M.D.

Undergraduate:  Colorado College
Graduate:  Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University
Medical School:  Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University
Research Interests:  Immunology, Alzheimer's disease
Other Interests:  Tennis, running, and playing soccer

Charles de Leeuw, M.D., M.S., Ph.D.

Charles de Leeuw, M.D.

Undergraduate:  University of Alberta
Graduate:  Case Western Reserve University and University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
Medical School:  Case Western Reserve University
Research Interests:  Functional genomics for identifying novel cancer therapies and combination chemotherapy
Other Interests:  Sci-fi and horror movies, traveling, working out at the gym, playing tennis, and skiing

Paxton Gehling, M.D., M.P.H.

Paxton Gehling, M.D.

Undergraduate:  Willamette University
Graduate:  Oregon Health & Science University
Medical School:  Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine
Research Interests:  Neurosurgical epidemiology, cost-effectiveness analysis, and quality improvement
Other Interests:  Playing jazz piano, cooking, fly fishing, and trail running

Matt McIntyre, M.D.

Matt McIntyre, M.D.

Undergraduate:  Boston University
Medical School:  New York Medical College
Research Interests:  Outcomes following traumatic brain and spine injury and cerebrovascular disease
Other Interests:  Sailing, cycling and scuba diving

Yasmeen Elsawaf, M.D.

Yasmeen Elsawaf, M.D.

Undergraduate:  University of California, San Diego
Medical School:  University of Central Florida College of Medicine
Research Interests:  Pediatric and fetal neurosurgery, hydrocephalus, global health, socioeconomic impact on neurosurgical outcomes, and diversity and inclusion in neurosurgery
Other Interests:  Rock climbing, hiking, guitar, landscape photography

Christina Gerges, M.D.

Christina Gerges, M.D.

Undergraduate:  University of California, Los Angeles
Medical School:  Case Western Reserve University
Research Interests:  Cranial and spinal trauma, neurocritical care, spine oncology
Other Interests:  Rock climbing, hiking, guitar, landscape photography

Michael Rothbaum, M.D.

Michael Rothbaum, M.D.

Undergraduate:  Cornell University
Medical School:  New York Medical College
Research Interests:  Pediatric tumors, epilepsy, and congenital malformations of the brain and spine; Developing and implementing novel educational experiences and resources for medical student and resident neurosurgical education
Other Interests:  Road cycling, hot yoga, sourdough bread baking, Middle Eastern cooking, modern art, Spanish film

Barry Cheaney II, M.D.

Portrait of Dr. Cheaney II

Undergraduate:  University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Medical School:  Oregon Health & Science University
Research Interests: Neuro-oncology, clinical outcomes
Other Interests:  Basketball, tennis, collecting vinyl records, and hiking

Peter Cruz-Gordillo, M.D., Ph.D.

Portrait of Dr. Cruz - Gordillo

Undergraduate: Duke University 
Graduate:  University of Massachusetts TH Chan School of Medicine
Medical School:  University of Massachusetts TH Chan School of Medicine
Research Interests:  Systems biology and pharmacology, cancer -omics & computational medicine, drug discovery & high-throughput screening, liquid biopsy techniques
Other Interests:  Swimming, golfing, kayaking, rafting, scuba diving, traveling, cooking, reading

Jordan Smith, M.D., Ph.D.

Portrait of Dr. Smith

Undergraduate:  Indiana University
Medical School:  University of Massachusetts TH Chan School of Medicine
Research Interests:  Discovery and generation of custom therapeutics for pediatric brain tumors, and understanding how brain tumors co-opt normal developmental pathways to promote tumor survival
Other Interests:  Ballet, Sketching, Interior Design, Indie Movies, Hiking, and absolutely anything on the lake with my two dogs, and family

Jefferson Abaricia, M.D., Ph.D.

Portrait of Jefferson in white lab coat

Undergraduate: Virginia Commonwealth University, Biomedical Engineering 
Graduate:  Virginia Commonwealth University, Biomedical Engineering
Medical School:  Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Research Interests:  Tissue engineering, biomaterials for bone regeneration, brain tumor epidemiology
Other Interests:  Scuba diving, mountain biking, autocross, traveling, and exploring Portland’s incredible food scene

Joe Nugent, M.D., MPH

Portrait of Joe in white lab coat

Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University
Graduate: Johns Hopkins University
Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine
Interests: Exploring new restaurants, hiking, kayaking/paddle boarding, camping, listening to sci-fi audiobooks. 

Brittany Stedelin, M.D.

Portrait of Brittany in white lab coat

Undergraduate:  University of Arizona, Tucson, Physiology, BS
Medical School: 
Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine
Research Interests: cerebral vasculature, global neurosurgery, brain mapping
Other Interests:  I enjoy snowboarding poorly, hiking, camping, singing, roller skating, live music, and horseback riding. I have an extensive house plant collection and love animals. 

Taylor Charron, M.D.

Taylor Charron, M.D.

Undergraduate: The University of Texas at Austin
Medical School:  The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
Interests:  C
ycling, reading, playing pickle ball, and watching Premier League.

Jamila Godil, M.D.

Jamila Godil, M.D.

Undergraduate:  Oregon State University
Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine
Interests: Snowboarding in the Pacific Northwest, attending live music events, and discovering new restaurants in Portland.

Muhibullah Tora, M.D., Ph.D.

Muhibullah Tora, M.D., Ph.D.

Undergraduate:  University of Virginia
Georgia Institute of Technology
Medical School: Emory University School of Medicine
Interests: Weightlifting, video games, board games, and cooking. He spends much of his free time with his wife and children.