Connections: Hospital at Home improves outcomes | Spring 2022

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OHSU Health launched Hospital at Home in late 2021, making it possible for qualifying patients to receive individualized, hospital-level care delivered where they feel most comfortable — their own homes.

Hospital at Home has been a safe, tested and trusted option for more than 10 years. OHSU Health partner Adventist Health Portland began offering hospital at home in 2020 and more than 1,000 patients have participated.

Patients say they enjoy having more control over their space, meals and activities at home. They also prefer being with their loved ones and pets and sleeping in their own beds. Studies show this home-based model can reduce recovery time with fewer readmissions to the hospital.

How hospital at home works

Getting started: The care team screens hospital patients interested in hospital at home. If their needs are a fit, patients can leave the hospital when they’re stable. A care team visits their homes the same day to set up a virtual unit. They bring all the supplies patients may need, including FDAapproved medical devices to monitor patients’ health. Then they provide all the medical care patients need, individualized for each patient.

Daily communication and home visits: Patients have daily video visits with a provider or nurse. They can also reach a team member 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hospital at Home provides a tablet for video visits and a directline phone. Patients can always talk to their care team if needed. In addition to video and phone calls, care team members visit patients’ homes at least once a day or more as needed. The team can provide services such as IV fluids, labs, mobile imaging, medications or physical therapy.

Discharge: When patients are ready, the care team releases patients to their primary care providers with a full report, ensuring continuity of care.

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