At OHSU’s Office of Digital Health, we offer digital health tools that give patients across Oregon and Southwest Washington access to the level of care they need.

A nurse taps on the communication screen to reach OHSU’s virtual ICU.

For hospitals and providers

Through our telemedicine network, we partner with community hospitals and providers like you to give your patients timely access to OHSU specialty care.

Working together can lead to better patient outcomes. Partner with us to:

  • Start lifesaving treatments for your patients sooner.
  • Reduce unnecessary hospital transfers.
  • Make necessary transfers faster and easier.
  • Increase provider and patient satisfaction.
  • Keep more patients in your community for care.
A laptop shows a patient and doctor during a virtual visit.

For patients

OHSU has convenient options like Virtual Visits, SmartExams and more.

A close-up view of two doctors shaking hands.

Contact us

We will respond within two business days to:

  • Answer your questions
  • Set up a virtual or in-person meeting
  • Arrange a demonstration