Acute Care Telemedicine Services (Inpatient)

A virtual ICU nurse wearing a headset reviews a document and real-time patient data on her computer screen.
Nurse Shova Thapa monitors patient beds in OHSU’s virtual ICU command center.

Your patients and their families need access to the best possible care quickly when emergencies arise. Your ICU or emergency room can treat them fast, right in their community. However, you may not have every specialist they need available around the clock.

That’s why our acute care telemedicine network brings OHSU expertise to the bedside. We offer services to support you with:

  • Pediatric emergencies
  • Monitoring beds in your ICU
  • Newborn resuscitations
  • Lifesaving stroke treatment

You can expect:

  • Phone and two-way video support from an OHSU specialist.
  • OHSU adult and pediatric intensivists, neonatologists and stroke neurologists available 24/7.
  • Triage advice, to reduce transfers and create care plans faster.
  • To keep more of your patients where they feel most comfortable with you.
  • Advanced, easy-to-use technology.
  • Video contact with patients and families to ease the transition when a transfer is needed.
  • Partnership. Your providers are the primary caregivers and we’re here to help.

Our excellence

Vast experience: We partner with 14 hospitals in Oregon and Southwest Washington, and have done real-time consultations on more than 4,000 patients since 2007.

Advanced training: You will have access to board-certified OHSU specialists in pediatric critical care, neonatology, stroke neurology and more.

Lower transfer rates: Another provider on your team means you can keep more patients in your care. We also help you decide which patients need to transfer and which can stay with you. To date, we have saved $6 million in transportation costs alone.

Regional focus: We partner with hospitals and clinics in Oregon and Southwest Washington because OHSU is right here in the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to caring for the people in our communities.

A map of Oregon and southwest Washington showing hospitals and clinics across the region that are part of OHSU’s telemedicine network.
We work with community hospitals and clinics to increase access to specialty care, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.

Our services

Virtual ICU (VICU): Critical care specialists can support your ICU team. Our VICU can also monitor beds and round on patients.

TelePICU: Highly trained pediatric intensivists can support your pediatric care team, whether or not you have a pediatric ICU.

TeleNICU: Our neonatology experts support your labor and delivery team with newborn resuscitations and other emergencies.

TeleStroke: Expert stroke neurologists help you provide immediate lifesaving care, before or instead of a transfer.

Hospital at home: OHSU Health doctors, nurses and other professionals treat and monitor recovering patients in their own homes, just like they would in the hospital.

Inpatient telemedicine consults: We now offer nonemergency specialty consults for your hospital patients who need to see a specialist. This service lets patients stay close to home while seeing an OHSU specialist.

These specialties are available:

  • Pediatric endocrinology (for children with newly diagnosed diabetes)
  • Pediatric neurology

Joining the network

Contact us to ask questions or set up a meeting or demonstration.

If you choose to move forward, we’ll work together with you to put clinical and technical systems in place. The process usually takes several months to:

  • Prepare and sign a contract.
  • Identify stakeholders and project team members.
  • Get OHSU providers needed credentials and privileges at your site.
  • Get and set up hardware, software and secure communication channels.
  • Discuss clinical workflows and documentation.
  • Conduct training and simulations.
  • Go live.

Forms for current partners

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  • English
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  • Pусском языке (Russian)
  • Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

Contact us

We will respond within two business days to:

  • Answer your questions
  • Set up a virtual or in-person meeting
  • Arrange a demonstration

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