A laptop with an image of a provider and patient speaking during a virtual video visit

Virtual visit

A virtual video visit with your provider on a computer, tablet or phone. Schedule an Immediate Care Virtual Visit appointment or call your clinic to schedule a video visit.

Cost: Varies by specialty and insurance coverage.
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Screenshot of the MyChart messaging platform.

MyChart Message

Send a message to your provider through MyChart. You will receive a response in 2 -3 business days. If your medical question needs a complex answer, we may bill you or your insurance.

Cost: Depends on how long it takes to answer your question and insurance coverage.
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A mobile phone taking a photo of an arm for a dermatology e-visit.

Dermatology Skin Cancer Check

Fill out an online form, and include photos. A dermatologist can review any problem areas and determine if further skin cancer screening is required.

Cost$75 without insurance. If you have insurance, your copay could be less.
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A smiling older man in a pink shirt speaks on a mobile phone

Phone visit

A visit with your provider over the phone. Call your provider's office and let the staff know you would like to schedule a phone visit.

Cost: Your usual copay.
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A laptop showing the MyChart login page, and a smartphone showing a virtual visit.

Sign up for MyChart

You'll need a MyChart account for many of our virtual care options. MyChart, our secure patient portal, also lets you:

  • Manage appointments
  • Communicate with providers
  • See test results
  • Request prescription refills

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Need a cellphone or internet access?

Wireless signal icon

If you’re an Oregon Health Plan member,  you’re eligible for affordable service  and a free cellphone through Oregon's Lifeline program. 

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Did you know?

  • Community organizations sell refurbished devices and equipment at a discount. 
  • Some cable providers offer free Wi-Fi hotspots across the state. 
  • Some schools, government agencies and libraries leave Wi-Fi on all hours, and it may be accessible from outside. Drive up if possible to maintain physical distancing, safety and privacy.