OHSU Labs Client Services

For information on lab products and services, professional consultation, and to reach specific labs, call OHSU Labs Client Services at 503-494-7383 or 1-888-375-4636 (toll free) or email Laboratory Services.

Test Information

Use the links on this page or call OHSU Labs Client Services for more information.

Critical Value Test List

Notice for all ordering providers, including external providers.

Effective Monday, January 3, 2022, all final results for orders placed through OHSU's clinical laboratories will be immediately released to OHSU MyChart. In order to block immediate release, the ordering provider should notify OHSU on the requisition form - at the time the order is placed - of their reasonable belief that an information blocking exception applies.

This change is being made to comply with Oregon law and the Federal Information Blocking Rule.

What's new in the lab

Critical Lab Test results update: Effective 11/6/2023, some minor changes were made to some lab test critical values to align values across the OHSU Health System. There are no changes to flagging in EPIC or to the process of calling critical values.  The list of Critical Values can be found here: Critical Value Test List.

CLIA/CAP changes for OHSU Laboratory Services and OHSU Laboratory Services at CHH:
All testing activities for OHSU Laboratory Services and OHSU Laboratory Services at CHH will be merged into one CLIA and one CAP. 
The CHH CLIA/CAP certificates will be discontinued, and all testing activity will be combined into the following CLIA and CAP numbers.
CLIA# 38D0676694 
CAP# 2442601

Clinical Research Testing

OHSU Lab Services is here to support your clinical research. Most of our laboratory tests can be performed as part of clinical research studies at a discounted price. Please visit the Clinical Research Services Office website for more details.

Sending specimens to OHSU labs

To send specimens by express mail:

OHSU Laboratory Services Mail Code HRC9
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239

For specimens delivered by courier or cab:

OHSU Laboratories
Hatfield Laboratory Services Room HRC9D20
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239