Virtual Visits

A phone video chatting with a provider

Dermatological care from the comfort of your home

OHSU Dermatology now offers the option of virtual visits. Patients can now connect with dermatology experts from any location (in Oregon, with an internet connection). Virtual visits:

  • Are live, one-on-one appointments with a dermatology provider
  • Are completed using a phone, tablet, or computer with a webcam.
  • Take place at a scheduled time
  • Are HIPAA-compliant and private

Anyone who meets the below criteria can call to schedule a virtual visit:

  • Has a MyChart account
  • Is at least 15 years of age (or is a guardian of someone under 15 years old)
  • Is in the state of Oregon during the time of the virtual visit
  • Is looking to make an appointment for a condition that can be addressed with a virtual visit (per provider discretion)

Virtual visits can be used to request medical advice for non-urgent dermatological conditions

Not all conditions are seen via virtual visits. Virtual visits are best suited to appointments that are discussion based, rather than exam based. Some conditions require necessary follow-up care that cannot be done virtually. Technical limitations may also prevent some visits from being useful. 

Virtual visits are scheduled under the discretion of our provider team. This is to assure the visit is a useful encounter for both patient and provider.

Virtual visits are treated as normal patient visits, thus are eligible for insurance coverage.

Virtual visits happen through a secure video portal on your MyChart account. Users should log into their MyChart account 15 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. Once in MyChart, log into the virtual visit portal.

Some tips for a successful virtual visit:

  • Find a well-lit area for your visit
  • Test your video equipment beforehand to avoid technical issues
  • Assure you are in a private setting 

View Dermatology Virtual Visits Instructions.

Live video chats often have picture resolution limitations. Providers may have difficulty providing meaningful feedback on visual skin ailments. 

Still photos are often higher resolution and can help your provider see your concern. Before your visit we recommend sending photos of your concerns to your provider:

  • Take at least one photo from distance (~12 inches away)
  • Take at least one close-up photo (~3-4 inches away).
  • Use MyChart Messages to securely share your photos to your visit provider. Do not send your images outside of MyChart.

For tips on how to take successful images of your skin conditions, please view these instructions.

MyChart Messages can be found on your MyChart home screen, on both the phone app and on internet browser. When you are drafting your message, MyChart allows you to attach up to 5 photos.

Video instructions for smartphone or tablet

Video instructions for computer