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Parents tell us...

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"I love that I can talk about embarrassing things with other parents and not feel judged." "Talking to someone who really understands is nice.  People with similar experience give reassurance, ideas, a hug- real or virtual." " I need people who can celebrate milestones or cry with us."

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Finding Resources and Emotional Support

Raising a child is challenging enough, without throwing in extra difficulties from special health needs.  Thankfully there is help! Locate resources to find a listening ear or an experienced parent who has a child similar to yours. 

Seminars, Workshops, and Parenting Classes

Many families find extra information helpful to get them through the day or to know what to expect as their child grows. Find educational opportunities to help your family's life, child's condition, or health care.

Families Share: Tips For Daily Life

Learn from others who have been there. Read what has helped other families. These materials were written BY parents of children with special needs FOR parents of children with special needs. If your child has behavior issues, the Autism Speaks Toolkits provide more tips for daily living.

Families Share: Tips for Challenging Situations

Some topics are more challenging than others. We have collected resources for some of the more challenging situations families
. For all medical and safety concerns, talk to your provider first.

More Tip Sheets and Toolkits

A collection of miscellaneous tools from families and trusted organizations.

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