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Parents tell us...

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"I have had to learn how to advocate for my daughter, and learn how to talk to the school to get her what she needs.  Sometimes it feels like a whole new language. Luckily, the teachers want her to succeed, and that gives us a place to start." "Because he is quiet, teachers sometimes forget him, I have to speak up or he will be ignored."  "A good teacher is like a jewel."  "My first IEP meeting was insane!  I had no idea there would be so many people there."

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Your child may need help to succeed in school. If so, there are many people who can help you understand how special education works in Oregon. Parents of children in special education recommend that you learn about the rights your child will have to a free and appropriate education. You will also want to learn about Individual Family Support Plans (IFSP) for pre-school children, Individual Education Plans (IEP) for school age children and youth up to age 22, and 504 Plans, which are for students with certain health conditions.

Public school

All of Oregon's public school districts have a process for evaluating students for special education. If you think your child needs to be tested for special education, start by talking to your child's teacher or by writing a letter to your local school district.  Ask for your child to be tested. Students with medical conditions like diabetes or asthma may also need support to attend school. To request that a plan be made, contact your child's school district to request a meeting to discuss hisor her needs.

Communicating Well With Your School (English)

Schooling options

Special education services for military families

Information on private schools and special education

Home schooling and special education in Oregon

Oregon School for the Deaf

Can't attend school?

Home tutoring for children unable to attend school: contact your local school

Hospital School Program for all of the children's hospitals in Oregon

Shortened school days

Schools can only shorten your child's day in specific instances. Learn more in the Disability Rights Oregon: Parent toolkit on short school days.