Virtual Melanoma Tumor Board & Educational Updates Program

Melanoma Treatment and Research Forum

The Virtual Melanoma Tumor Board & Educational Updates Program is a joint initiative between OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and Providence Cancer Center. The intent of the program is to bring melanoma experts at OHSU and Providence together and to the community through a virtual platform.

In addition to monthly virtual tumor boards, a virtual educational update that will present the most current melanoma research initiatives along with other melanoma related programs in our region will be held once a quarter. See below for further details.

Program Objectives

  • Provide the best melanoma care in the country in Oregon
  • Enable virtual access for all clinicians in Oregon to melanoma specialists in the state
  • Improve access to the best care available for all melanoma patients in Oregon
  • Increase appropriate enrollment into melanoma clinical trials to improve future melanoma care
  • Educate clinicians throughout the state on the evidence-based care practices for melanoma
  • Increase Oregon's melanoma registry awareness and use

Tumor Board

  • The Virtual Tumor Board meets every 2nd Thursday from 7-8 am. Clinicians can participate in the tumor board virtually by using a HIPAA-compliant, virtual platform called Nexus. Cases can also be presented virtually by any provider by submitting the form attached on this website (see sidebar). Once you have submitted the case, the OHSU tumor board coordinator will schedule the case for the beginning of the tumor board. Please submit cases at least 1 week prior to the tumor board.
  • Specific cases that have not been submitted for review via the established protocol will not be allowed to be presented, but general questions may be at the end of the tumor board by anyone that is participating in the conference, as time allows. Offline discussions or other solutions may also be arranged to assure every challenging case can be addressed effectively.
  • Case presentation format: 
    • Brief intro by clinician with specific question(s)
    • Imaging presented by OHSU radiology or by clinician if presented from their virtual desktop
    • Pathology presented by OHSU pathology or by clinician if presented from their virtual desktop
    • Discussion orchestrated by the moderator.
  • For questions, email Dermatology Education Manager (

Quarterly Educational Updates

  • OHSU hosts melanoma educational updates that can be attended by clinicians across the state virtually by using a HIPAA-compliant platform called Nexus. The content of the sessions will include updates on current and potential upcoming clinical trials, and community/outreach initiative updates, registry information, new therapies/clinical updates, etc.
  • The current schedule is as follows (dates are subject to change):
    • Fall Update - August 30, 2018
    • Winter Update - January 31, 2018
    • Spring Update - May 18, 2018
    • Summer Update - To Be Determined
  • Patients will not be discussed in the Educational Updates

Team Leadership

Panning Committee:

Elizabeth Berry, M.D., Associate Professor of Dermatology, OHSU
Dale Han, M.D., Assistant Professor of Surgery, Surgical Oncology, OHSU
Rajan Kulkarni, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Dermatology, OHSU
Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D., Melanoma Specialist, Chair, Department of Dermatology, OHSU
Reid Thompson, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Radiation Medicine and Computational Biology, OHSU
Susan Tofte, F.N.P., OHSU Melanoma Specialist, Department of Dermatology
Shannon Winchester, OHSU Dermatology Education Manager    
John Vetto, M.D., OHSU Surgical Director of the Cutaneous Oncology Program; Tumor Board Director & Moderator

Other contributors:
Walter Urba, MD, PhD, Providence Oncologist, Director of Cancer Research
Dave Herron, OHSU Nexus Specialist
Pam Russell, RN, OHSU Tumor Board Coordinator