Parking Wait Lists

See where you are on the wait lists and what permit offers are currently pending for you on Your Online Parking Account. Log in using your OHSU Network ID, then select, "Join/View Wait lists."

To accept a permit offer, visit Transportation & Parking Customer Service before your offer expires. Please bring:

  • License plate information of vehicles to add to the permit.
  • Work schedule if permit is part time or carpool.
  • All members of a carpool.


Wait listed permits are paid via payroll deduction every 2 weeks. See rates here.


Most permits can be made a carpool at anytime. Permits called from carpool lists can be made a carpool permit only. Find a carpool at

How do I sign up on a wait list?

You may sign up on wait lists as soon as you have an active employee number. Select, "Join/View Wait Lists," in your Online Parking Account.

How will I know if I've been called off a list?

You can see the current status on the wait lists in your Online Parking Account. When you are called off, you will be notified by email. We highly recommend either checking your OHSU email regularly if you are near the top of the list or create a mail forward to send OHSU alerts to your primary email inbox. 

Will accepting or declining an offer affect my standing on other lists?

No. Each list, including the carpool lists, move independently.

Can I hold a permit if I don't want it when I'm called off but might later?

We are unable to hold a permit. The permit is assigned to the top person on the wait list who chooses to accept the permit. When your current offer expires, you can sign back up on the same list.

What if I'm on leave when I receive a permit offer?

We will hold your permit offer up through 30 days after you return from leave. 

Where am I on the list?

You can see your position and date of sign up under, "Join/View Wait Lists," in your Online Parking Account.

How long is the wait?

Unfortunately, your wait cannot be predicted. Permit turnover is controlled by a number of factors, in particular the rate at which other employees deactivate their permits. Most employees do not have long term permits. We highly recommend planning an alternate long term solution and considering joining or creating a carpool. 

Why are some of the wait lists so long?

OHSU does not control supply or demand. Supply is capped by the Marquam Hill Plan. During busy hours, the 2 lane roads to Marquam Hill have reached peak congestion. To improve access for emergencies, patients, residents, and you, parking is thus limited. This is why OHSU has an aerial commuter tram and incentivizes a range of alternative modes to campus.