Parking Lot at Neveh Shalom

OHSU has leased a section of the parking lot at Congregation Neveh Shalom, located off of Beaverton Hillsdale Highway. This lot is only about three miles from Marquam Hill and is located in close proximity to three TriMet bus lines.

This parking facility is recommended for people who:

  • Want to save money on parking
  • Travel to OHSU from the West/Southwest
  • Travel to Marquam Hill during regular peak commute hours
  • Travel to downtown

Parking at Neveh Shalom is free, but you need a Neveh Shalom hangtag or a virtual permit and must park in the OHSU-designated area. With a permit, you may park on weekdays from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. (excluding holidays as determined by OHSU and Neveh Shalom).

Please comply with the OHSU Parking Code and take precautions with your vehicle and valuables. OHSU is not liable for theft or damage

45.482948084094, -122.70712151325


Sunday: Closed
Monday - Friday: 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday: Closed


2900 SW Peaceful Lane
Portland, Oregon 97239

Neveh Shalom is located one block north of a covered TriMet bus shelter (stop 367, serviced by lines 54, 56 and 61).

Traveling downtown or outside these hours? TriMet lines 54 and 56 provide all day service to downtown. Plan your trip using TriMet's Trip Planner. 

Want to complete your trip on a bike? Take a suggested bike route to Marquam Hill or to South Waterfront.

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