Research Track

Overview of the Research Track

The OHSU Department of Psychiatry is proud to support the Research Track as a form of professional development for selected members of the Adult Psychiatry Residency Program. The Research Track aspires to balance the demands of exceptional clinical training in adult psychiatry, with the opportunity to promote development of physician-scientists committed to enhancing the care of patients with mental illnesses.

Our mission is to promote the development of psychiatrists who are passionate about pursuing careers in mental health research.

Research Track residents are nurtured in a collaborative, "non-toxic" academic environment at OHSU. They benefit from mentorship from a growing cadre of distinguished psychiatric researchers and the world-class quality of life in Portland and its surrounding vicinity. In addition, the small size of our Research Track ensures individualized attention and adequate institutional resources to support our residents.

Research Track FAQ

Do I rank the Research Track separately from the General Adult Psychiatry Residency?

No, the research track is an option for residents who have matched into our general residency. If you are interested, we can work with you early on to create a plan and help you find research to get involved in.

Do I need to have a Ph.D. to be in the research track?

No. Successful applicants to the Research Track usually demonstrate substantive research experience and a desire to continue to pursue psychiatric research, but there are many ways this can be done without obtaining a Ph.D.

If not in the Research Track are there still opportunities for research?

Yes. Residents are encouraged to participate in research throughout their residency. However, if you are not in the research track, the only protected research time would be as an elective in the PGY4 year.