Overview of Adult Psychiatry Didactic Sessions

Resident didactics take place every Tuesday afternoon

Upcoming Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Typically held the 1st, 3rd & 4th Tuesdays of each month

Noon to 1pm, 8B60, 8th Floor, OHSU Hospital (unless otherwise noted)

Psychiatry Grand Rounds provides continuing medical education for the target audience. To enable discussion that both is about and involves the patient so the physician can better understand the depth of one's mental illness. Explore the history of certain policies and procedures in place for handling mentally ill patients and what can happen to improve care and treatment that they receive. To better explain and expand on various forms of mental illness and how treatment should be approached and practiced by the clinician.

Resident Support Group

A Resident Support Group meets weekly under the supervision of a clinical faculty member to provide residents with a forum to share their feelings about training with their colleagues. This is an entirely elective experience for interested residents.

Fall Retreat

Residents attend a yearly fall retreat that is held at a lodge or conference center in Oregon's natural woodland areas or picturesque ocean beaches. The retreat is two full days and includes personal growth workshops and discussion groups to generate new ideas, as well as offering respite and relaxation. The main thrust is to build a more cohesive group for mutual support and fellowship. 


Spring Retreat

Residents attend a full day yearly spring retreat held on campus. This retreat is designed by the chief residents with support from the training office, with topics changing from year to year. The focus is on professional growth and camaraderie. 

Program Review

Mid-year, one day is dedicated to program review. Residents meet to discuss educational, clinical and administrative aspects of the program. Feedback from this meeting is used to guide program improvements.

Program Evaluation Committee

Bi weekly meetings held to review each individual aspect of the program including rotations, didactic series and the training office as a whole. Residents team with faculty members to interview faculty and residents and develop a comprehensive report for the committee members and rotation coordinators with recommendations for improvements for the upcoming year.

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