Trainees are PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and clinical informatics fellows enrolled in the biomedical informatics graduate program. Trainees come from a variety of backgrounds including librarianship, medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine, computer science, and other disciplines. In the admissions process, demonstration of self-motivation and ability to complete projects is of paramount importance. The program also values intellectual diversity, aiming to achieve a complementary mix of students with varied backgrounds. Here are our 2018-2019 Fellows.

Pre-doc Students

Joshua Burkhart

Lily Cook

Ben Cordier

Aaron Coyner

Julian Egger

Nanthaniel Evans

Rose Goueth

Gareth Harman

Christopher Klocke

Patty Langasek

Eric Leung

Wei-Chun Lin

Meenakshi Mishra

Kristen Stevens

Ryan Swan

Post-doc Trainees

Eric Feczko

Chris Hoekstra

James Jacobs

Benjamin Sanders

Daniel Yaeger