Alumni Testimonials

picture of Aurae Beidler DMICE alumnae

Aurae Beidler, Compliance and Privacy Officer

While completing my graduate certificate at OHSU I felt supported in all ways by faculty and staff. I use knowledge and skills I've learned though my coursework in data analysis and governance in my current position. The network I built through this program is invaluable.

picture of Kevin Brent Parker DMICE alumnus

Kevin Brent Parker, Chief Dental Informatics Officer

The education received at OHSU has proven to be vital to be successful at my position. I am able to interface with informatics/technical reps at the Federal and Government levels to provide solutions in line with our High Reliability Organization goals.

picture of Meryl Bloomrosen DMICE

Meryl Bloomrosen, Senior Director Federal Affairs

I enjoyed taking classes with a diverse group of people from across the globe and with many backgrounds. The education provided a solid foundation for my career in informatics. 

picture of Anthony Dunnigan DMICE alum

Anthony Dunnigan, VP/Chief Medical Officer

My Masters in Biomedical Informatics at OHSU helped propel me into a key executive role in my county health system. The knowledge I gained in my program I used daily.  There has never been a better time to be in Informatics, and I am grateful for the skills I learned at OHSU!

picture of Eric Rose DMICE alumnus

Eric Rose, Chief Terminologist

Completing a course of graduate study in health informatics at OHSU was a great move for my intellectual development and my career. In addition to the outstanding faculty and course material, the program helped establish the start of a professional network which I still maintain today. If you are considering making health informatics a focus of your career, I can't recommend OHSU's programs highly enough.

picture of Gretchen Scholl DMICE alumna

Gretchen Scholl, EHR Informaticist

When I started my position with the OHSU Dean's Office, working with Informatics faculty integrating Informatics into the Medical Student curriculum, I realized I need to beef up my knowledge! I feel I am now much more empowered to craft Informatics education, and have a better understanding of how Informatics fits in the health care world.

picture of Bikram Day DMICE alumnus

Bikram Day, Director, Informatics and Solutions Architecture

It was a privilege to be part of the first graduating class of the department. I consider myself fortunate to be working in Medical Informatics, applying my education to my everyday role solving clinical and informatics problems for clinicians and IT teams.

picture of Arthur Knepper DMICE alumnus

Arthur Donald Knepper, Senior Business Analyst

My practicum project resulted in a job opportunity at the University of Western States (UWS), where I was their Clinical Information Systems Analyst for six years. Earlier this year, I transitioned to my current position as a Sr. Business Analyst with Kaiser. There is no way that I could be where I am in my career without my education from OHSU and DMICE.

picture of Adham Emam DMICE alumnus

Adham Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed Emam, Application Specialist

The education received from OHSU helped me achieve a career to implement clinical informatics systems across Middle East hospitals in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and the United Arab of Emirates.

picture of Alfredo Almerares DMICE alumnus

Alfredo Almerares, Physician Executive and Clinical Safety Officer

My education at OHSU prepared me for a smooth transition from an academic environment to industry by providing me with skills necessary to succeed. At OHSU, I was well prepared for real-life situations, learning about state of affairs in  clinical informatics, learning to collaborate with individuals coming from diverse backgrounds, and developing my understanding of complex issues and my communication skills to work with others to create solutions.

picture of Wessam Adly DMICE alumna

Wessam Adly, Research Assistant

The Graduate Certificate provided me with an insight into the importance and the impact of involving Information technology in the Health sector. Overall, It was a great learning experience and there was a wide variety of courses and topics to learn about. The program in general was comprehensive and informative. I have applied many concepts and skills in my professional career.

picture of Ben Barsotti DMICE alum

Benjamin Barsotti, Chief Medical Information Officer

My OHSU Masters degree has paid off in countless, often unexpected ways. It filled in knowledge gaps that I didn't know I had; this has allowed me to anticipate and respond to problems that would have otherwise gone unrecognized until too late. It also provided knowledge that has helped me be successful in my transition to becoming a CMIO. I cannot recommend it highly enough.