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Looking for a new role or to advance your career? We can help!

A variety of excellent job opportunities are available and continue to expand in each of our two core areas of focus: clinical / health informatics and bioinformatics & computational biology. Exciting careers for our graduates can be found in industry, academia, government, and private consulting.

Health informatics careers will continue to grow as the healthcare industry continues to develop and optimize implemented EHR systems and advance further into the digital age. There is also a high demand for bioinformaticists and computational biologists with the skills to develop and use the algorithms and tools to help us analyze, integrate and interpret genomic data. Bioinformatics is not just a viable career choice - it is one of the most critical areas of biomedicine today.

Virginia Lankes career counselor

Virginia Lankes, our Career Development Specialist, works exclusively with the  Certificate, Masters and PhD students in the Department of Biomedical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology. From helping you find where you will best fit in the world of informatics to coaching you on all aspects of conducting a strategic job search, and finalizing that salary negotiation, she is available for phone and in person appointments.

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